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  1. Hogieefc

    Now TV

    Thinking of leaving Sky as just had notification that our package is going up from £88 to £125, got the entertainment package, movies and sports channels along with broadband and sky Q in 2 rooms, anyone recommend an alternative ( not virgin ) maybe Now tv as their packages look a lot cheaper...
  2. Hogieefc

    Vice golf balls

    Just about to order 6 dozen Vice tour balls and wondered if anyone had a promo code i could use ????
  3. Hogieefc

    Calling all runners.

    Hi All, After 10 years of having trouble with my knees ( work related ) last year i changed my job in work and have now found myself practically pain free in the knee area,i am no longer wearing patella bands just to get around the golf course and recently decided to give the gym a go in order...
  4. Hogieefc

    Lee Park Members.

    Hi Folks, Received a newsletter of our Club today ( Leasowe ) and it would appear that we now have reciprocal golf with Lee Park, just wondered if any of you lads had heard anything off your club ??? Cheers Paul.
  5. Hogieefc


    Hi Folks, just had my invoice through for next years subs and while there is only a 3% increase in subs now up to £975, lockers have gone up by 17.5% from £30 to £35. At my previous club i only paid £20 so now i am thinking its a bit of a rip off, what are you paying at your club ??? Thanks...