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    Practice with All Clubs?

    Hi All So when I am at the range I might hit 50 - 100 balls, mostly concentraing on all my wedges 9, 7, 5 iron and 4 wood driver. While I am grooving in my new swing should I just stick to a couple of clubs, PW and 9 iron maybe?
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    Golf Mat or Astro Turf - Recommend?

    Hi All If we are gonna be "stuck" at home for a month, now that I have my golf net I need a golf mat for smashing balls off. Any recommendations? Couple of cheap ones out there for £30 - £60 are they good enough or shall I just get 2m of Astro Turf? Potentially go up to £200 if I have to!!
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    Excitement -> First Lesson -> Erm...

    Hi All Well, decided to book my first lesson before I start to develop some bad habits and was really looking forward to it.. so much I didn't get much sleep the night before :D. Anyway, turned up and could not hit a ball to save my life! Needless to say it took me a ew days to recover - but I...
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    First Lesson - What to Expect? :)

    Hi All Got my first ever lesson next week, looking forward to it! What should I expect and should I prepare for anything? Thanks Mattie
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    New Grip not on all the way... Issue?

    Hi All Recently had all my clubs re-gripped. One of the grips seems to not be on fully, it seems to be 1/2 inch off the end of the club. This makes two of my irons not the same length instead of 1/2 inch difference! Is this going to cause me an issue? Should I get it replaced or not bother...
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    GOLFTV - Where's The Golf?

    Hi All I have a GolfTV subscription and up until last week it was working fine. Now I am only geting "On Demand" stuff and not "Upcoming", even if I change my VPN to Canada or Europe... anyone else having the same issue? Mattie
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    New Hybrid : G20 -> G410...

    Hi All I've had my G20 4 Hybrid (23 deg) for about 10 years - it's ugly as hell and the offset is huge - not a pretty sight at address. I used it alot for the few years I was playing 2010-2015 and it used to go straight but it also used to hook pretty badly whenever it wanted :( I love the...
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    When does lie angle become negligible?

    Hi all So I'm tall and my irons are fitted but my driver / woods/ hybrid are standard length etc. I'm assuming after a certain length lie angle bears very little significance on shot shape or does it?
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    Shorter Long Irons ???

    Hi All So I'm 6" 4" left handed and my Ping i20 clubs are 1" longer than standard. Now I can hit my 7 iron (effectively a 5 iron length) pretty well around 175 yards but I can't hit my 5 or 6 iron consistently - just too long! I know I can go down the hybrid route for 5 iron, but any thoughts...
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    I need HUGE Gloves!!

    Oo feels good to be back... so it's been a year or two but back into Golf :D Cubs are fine but I've always had dificulty finding gloves to fit me. I have 9" hands and 4" fingers due to my medical condition and being 6'4". I usually use XL FootJoy gloves and they work ok, but are there any XXXL...
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    New Hybrid same length?

    Hi All Im after a new hybrid to match my G20 23* but my current hybrid is 0.5" longer. Im thinking if I get a 20* that I want to get the standard length as I should be able to hit it aswell. Anything longer I might struggle with. Any thoughts?
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    How much less distance when its miserable weather?

    Hi All I usually hit my 5 iron about 195 on a good hit but yesterday it was a little bit wet and a few spots of rain I was struggling to hit 165 :( Does a nice clear day really make 30 yds difference??? Mattie
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    Can range balls damage club face?

    Hi All hit 100 or so balls with my new i20 clubs and they already have small scratches on the face of a few of the club faces. Some of the balls I hit were pretty old, are these doing damage to my lovely new clubs? Mattie
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    Now many layers of tape can you get under a grip...

    Hi All Just took delivery of my lovely new i20 irons with 3 layers of tape and a jumbo grip. Unfortunately I have such big hands that I have to put tennis grips over these so I dont get cramp. Does anyone know what the maximum number of layers of tape you can get under a ping orange (jumbo)...
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    2* Lie Angle Difference

    Hi All My new shinies are coming (soonish) but they are 3* up and my old clubs are 5* up, pretty severe I know. Is it common that as you get better posture etc your lie angle can change? Mattie
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    New Clubs Dilemma: i20 or Ci11 or something else?

    Hi All Im thinking of upgrading my shovel like wilson Di9s in for the new i20s but im abit concerned they are too good for me and maybe I should stick to my original wilson Ci11 upgrade path! Im playing pretty well, off 15, but are the i20s for single figure handicappers? Also thinking of th...
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    Offputting Offset?

    Hi All Recently, as much as I love my G20 Hybrid, the offset club is really starting to put me off. Is this something you find as you become a better player and clubs with no offset become more appealing to the eye? Mattie
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    1 Plane or 2 Plane?

    Hi All Does a 1 plane swing suit a taller golfer? Im pretty sure that short irons im a 2 plane swinger and driver is a 1 plane? Is there really much difference or it is more noticable for shorter golfers?
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    Moving Into the 3rd Year :)

    Hi All Ok, ive been playing for 2 years now and shooting 85 pretty constantly, even on new courses :) I am kinda proud of myself I've put alot of work in over the past 2 winters to get pretty consistent im quite happy with my game. My question is what happens now? What should I expect next...
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    Replace wedges instead of irons?

    Hi All Just wonderring how many on here have wedges which are not part of your irons set? Im wanting to get purchase some sexy new (smaller) irons but im now thinking of only replacing my sw, gw, lw with decent wedges and irons further down the line. Sound like a plan? I must admit my wedges...