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  1. YorkshireStu

    Hybrid custom fit

    Hi all. Sorry, two quick newbie questions! I’m currently looking at upgrading my 3 hybrid. Do people generally lengthen these clubs? I’m 6ft 4 and see that people often lengthen their irons to better fit their size but I have not see any general comments around custom fitting hybrids. Currently...
  2. YorkshireStu

    First round since returning to golf

    Hi all. It’s my first round of golf on Wednesday since returning to the sport following the arrival of my second child, so in all about 18 months out. Any advice for returning and the first round? I’ve opted to play Barnsley Golf Club which is a well run municipal course so a short distance...
  3. YorkshireStu

    Back to it

    Hi all. I'm just coming back into the game after 2 years off following the birth of my first child. I was a high handicapper, typically 95-115 a round, so a little nervous coming back to the game after such a long break. I've kept up with regular games of squash at a high level so hand-eye and...
  4. YorkshireStu

    Good 2 piece ball?

    Hi all Can anyone recommend a good value 2 piece ball? I picked up a dozen yellow Callaway CXR Power from Sports direct as they're rather affordable so I don't mind losing the odd ball. I find the yellow easy to track flight/spot the ball too. I've seen the Srixon AD333, Callaway Hex Warbird...
  5. YorkshireStu

    Newbie in the deep end

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to golf and I'm after some fairly straight forward beginner's advice if possible, what couple of things to think about whilst starting off on my golfing journey. I've played squash for 15 years at city and county level so handeye coordination and reflexes are great so...