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  1. MendieGK

    Request for opinions - Breakdown Cover…

    I’m doing some work on how breakdown cover could be improved for customers (price not an option). Could you please give me any views etc to help me with my presentation? My main view is that is so bloody hard to understand easily what you’re paying for….. literally any views appreciated
  2. MendieGK

    Rory - Interview

    Just watching Rory’s interview at the Masters. I find him so articulate, he’s properly answers every question with serious thought. It’s so refreshing.
  3. MendieGK

    WHS - tee choice

    Sorry for another thread on WHS, but I’ve got loads of questions that keep coming up. in the new system, will clubs continue to designate a tee to be played off for competitions, or can say - player a) play off the black tees (getting 6 shots) and player b) play off the whites and get 5 shots...
  4. MendieGK

    Mashie Golf

    Anyone know much about the costs/benefits etc of this?
  5. MendieGK

    I complete the England top 10 today!

    Absolutely buzzing to be playing Royal Birkdale today! Lytham was absolutely incredible yesterday too. Formby Ladies Saturday and Hillside Sunday. Woosh
  6. MendieGK

    WHS indication

    Does anyone have an idea of when we’ll be told what our new handicap will be? Surely it won’t be November, the day is all comes into play?
  7. MendieGK

    Long lasting leather gloves

    Looking for some recommendations for longer lasting leather gloves. I use lamkin crossline cord jumbo grips (very rough) and grip it pretty tight, leading To the thumb wearing pretty quick. Any suggestions? Those of you who usually say ‘stop wasting money’ and buy those awful £2 gloves on...
  8. MendieGK

    St Enodoc - B&B - Saunton

    Keen to open up this debate again. Played St Enodoc yesterday, incredible golf course and certainly enjoyed it more than the first time (I loved it then too) despite playing awful. However, I still cant see how people think it’s better than Burnham or Saunton East 😕 Holes 3, 4 are not good...
  9. MendieGK

    Help/Advice - Lancashire Courses

    I’m off to Liverpool for a trip in Early October, we’ve currently got Thursday - Lytham Friday - Birkdale Sunday - Hillside Booked There’s 7 of us, but I’m having major issues getting on a course on the Saturday (afternoon as obviously members play most of Saturday). I’ve tried - Formby...
  10. MendieGK

    New Venture - Indoor Golf Centre

    In addition to my job with Orka I have recently taken on a unit that will become the home of - Swindon Indoor Golf Centre. It’s going to have full GC2 sim with over 100k courses available to play, and also be the home of Orka golf for the south west. I’d love you all to follow me on social...
  11. MendieGK

    The Oxfordshire - Monday 23/03/20

    If anyone fancies a game on Monday, us at Orka have arranged a mini meet-up at the Oxfordshire for just £25 a person. We’ll obviously be keeping our distance, and complying with all guidelines but it’s open the everyone regardless of ability. If you know anyone interested or would like to...
  12. MendieGK

    Gary Player

    Anyone else find him unbearable? He’s so stuck in his ways, talks a lot of cr*p
  13. MendieGK

    Would you rather?

    Saw this question on Twitter - would you rather? Hit the driver your maximum distance down the centre of the fairway everytime you hit it Or Hole every putt from 10ft and in
  14. MendieGK

    This weather?!?!

    This has to be some of the worst weather we’ve had at this time of the year in a long time? Courses around us are already closing and it’s only mid October... not a good sign for the winter ahead
  15. MendieGK

    Fundraising idea?

    Morning all, been thinking about a golf related way to raise money for a good cause, and wondered if this idea is something you all would participate in? A donation of 1 brand new golf ball. My thought process is, if I could get around 1000 balls, I could then auction them off in their...
  16. MendieGK

    Silloth on Solway & an Albatross!

    Played Silloth on Friday, wow! What an incredible course. If it was in Merseyside it would be ranked even higher than it already is. Was lucky enough to get joined up with the head pro from Formby, Andy. Really nice guy. Who also had an albatross on the 17th. The first and probably last I’ll...
  17. MendieGK

    Shipping from States - help

    I’d like to buy a bulk load of golf gloves that have good reviews from the states. However, they only ship to the US. Hoping someone could help me out and be the middle man for me to send the gloves to them, for them to forward them on Not sure whose on here from the states? Or does anyone...
  18. MendieGK

    Players you can’t see ever winning a major.

    Been thinking about certain players on tour and which ones I don’t think will win a major. This doesn’t mean a)I don’t like them or b) I don’t want them to, but just not sure they’ll get over the line. Who do you think will miss out? Mine are - Fleetwood Fitzpatrick Casey Hatton...
  19. MendieGK

    European Tour players - mini tour events

    I’ve been having a bit of a debate on Twitter and ironically Paul Lawrie weighed in. I saw last week that Matt Southgate entered the clutch pro tour event where the winner got a £10k cheque, an 18 hole event. Personally I don’t think it’s right a EuropeanTour player turning up in the...
  20. MendieGK

    ORKA Charity Raffle

    Hope I’m allowed to post this on here Many of you know Alex @ Orka has previously supported the forum with equipment for the H4H day. Please have a look at this Prize Draw - we’re giving someone the opportunity to win any set of irons they like (other prizes also available) for just £20...