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    golf resort

    I went to La Manga in March. The hotel is a bit dated, but food is very good and rooms are spacious, just need a bit of TLC. Has 2 courses (South and North) directly outside the hotel, along with driving range and chipping/putting greens and then the West is a 5 minute drive away. When I was...
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    spain 36 hole resort

    I went to La Manga earlier in the year and had a great time. The hotel is slightly dated but I have heard the villa's are good, although didn't see them myself. 3 courses on site, all play slightly differently.
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    High Elms. An amazing council-owned course!

    Thanks for drawing my attention @Pants - I've got a round at Ingrebourne Links tomorrow to check it out as it seem to tick a lot of boxes on paper! Hope you're well @Bratty and glad you enjoyed the round.
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    England Golf App

    I've not started off on random holes so not encountered that problem yet, but I typically just keep my score on my normal tracking app, and then at the end of the round put them into the golf England app as it saves using various apps during the round. Might work out easier if the app doesn't...
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    SW London fitter

    I used silvermere and thought they were good. Prevision golf is next level, both in terms of what they offer and their pricing as they typically use after market shafts rather than the standard stock shafts manufacturers offer.
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    Competitive Golf

    Ah nice, I was actually looking at there the other day and said to my friend I want to play it. It gets really good reviews online and sounds like it could have a good future! Will look into it and travel times. Thanks!
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    Competitive Golf

    Greenwich, where abouts are you a member?
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    Competitive Golf

    Thanks everyone for your responses so far, been really helpful! Thank you, I'd not heard of Golf Empire so checked that out and Faleigh seem to run a monthly open competition for exactly my kind of situation where it's for people who do not have official clubs and they accept the igolf...
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    Competitive Golf

    Hi All, Following on from the very useful responses I got last time in relation to joining a club, I thought I'd ask for some more advice/opinions! It turns out that it is still incredibly hard to join somewhere sensible in London as pretty much all courses within about an hour of me have...
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    SE London Membership Options

    I've been on the waitlist for 5 months, and have been told to expect it to be over a year until enough spots open up. They had 65 people on the 7 day wait list back in Dec when I submitted.
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    Is Tiger back?

    I'm going to go the other way to a lot here and say I think that whilst he is very obviously not the Tiger of old, or even semi recent past, he will be back in contention a few more times yet. Augusta was clearly a bit much too soon for him and his physical recovery isn't there yet to play 4...
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    La Manga Club

    That makes sense on maintenance front. I’m going by myself so ideally want a resort I can just walk out the hotel to the practice facilities/course rather having to rent a car and travel etc.
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    La Manga Club

    Has anyone had any experience at La Manga Club in Spain recently? Potentially looking to go there at the end of the month and a lot of the reviews from Sept/Oct 2021 were talking about how poor a state the courses were in. Obviously that was 5 months ago and a lot can change between then and...
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    Joining fees creeping back ?

    Nearly every club that I have looked at in SE London has a joining fee, varying from £1,000 to £4,000. Some are to be paid fully up front, some paid over the first year. I have rarely seen ones that can be paid over longer periods, or got close enough to joining to see what happens if you...
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    Intensive golf lessons

    I agree with Boomy also, different players can make changes at different speeds. Someone might be able to make a swing change in a few minutes, but then still need to practice that change to make it feel natural, whereas it might take someone else weeks to figure out how to get their body to do...
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    Cooden meet 2022. Friday 24th June.

    I'm keen if there are still spaces!
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    What is ‘custom fit’ ?

    It can be both, however depending on what clubs you currently have there is only so much that can be altered. Different metal/construction types allow for different levels of post manufacturing manipulation. Beyond that, you are looking at different shafts etc It's one of these things that...
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    Would you use a caddy in your weekend medal?

    I believe it's only the PGA tour (and maybe European tour?) that require a caddie. The vast majority of pros on the lower tours either use them, or I'm sure would if they could afford them. In this hypothetical situation I had assumed that everyone would have been offered/ have the ability to...
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    Would you use a caddy in your weekend medal?

    I'm surprised how many people have said that they wouldn't want a caddie to be honest (Assuming that you wouldn't get mocked and it's free). There's a reason why everyone on the pro tour has a caddie, and their benefits are even more transferable to the average club golfer. If nothing else...
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    Am I at the end of my golfing road ?

    I can totally relate to the OPs perfectionist thought process and how that can ruin the enjoyment of things. I used to play professional sport and would often get very down on poor performances and gradually had to try and find mini games to play with myself to help focus on certain things...