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    Any accountants / Tax Savvy Folk?

    Sorry trying not to make it longwinded but at the same time give background and fully understand my situation. I’ve previously utilised salary sacrifice to purchase an EV, the lease is about to come to an end which co-incides with my annual review. I work for a limited company, nobody else on...
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    Home Sim-Set-Ups

    I understand a few members of this forum have them, where is yours? Are you happy with it? Whats the Set-Up? Moving in the coming months, have the space for an indoor home sim with suitable height and length for use with a radar unit. Looking at the options but always good to see others...
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    Bryson Lofts and Yardages

    Crazy lofts when compared against a traditional set-up. I know there is some difference to offset his single length shafts and to try and counter his spin but it had me surprised. 2.5 to 3 degree stronger than radspeed GI one length irons.
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    (Stealth Driver) Carbonwood Tech - Gimmick or Replacement for Titanium?

    I really didn’t want to want this driver however I find myself wanting it even though I don’t particularly like the look of it and have reservations on the tech. Having tried the Stealth Plus out previously with so so results I felt smug however was aware I hadn’t been able to try the driver...
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    Golf and Mental Wellbeing

    Have to say and I’m sure a lot of people have felt the same even if their scenarios vary from my own. A mix of winter, Being lockdown and working from home where there seems to be no start/finish times and everything blends into just never ending work in your home office including weekends. It...
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    Supplementary Scores

    I’m 27 holes into this year, with a round booked tommorow. Really tempted to pre-register and submit Tommorows score for handicap purposes. Anybody else keen to get stuck right in or getting a few more rounds under their belt first?
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    TS3 9 Degree Driver

    Titleist TS3 Driver in 9 Degree with Project X Evenflow T1100 X Flex Shaft. Driver is in very good condition however upon taking photos I did notice a very minor scuff to the paintwork which is circled in an image. It’s minor and noticeable under light at an angle (full disclosure). Grip is a...
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    eBay response not as expected..

    Purchased a golf item on eBay, after receiving no tracking information for 4 days post payment My Wife followed up querying postage. The reply was as follows, caught my off guard I must admit! And if it’s an excuse it’s inspired!
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    Snowboarding/Skiing First Timer

    Going to Tamworth Snow dome this afternoon as part of a work outing and we have a group lesson 6 of us that are new snowboarding for 2-3 hours. There are a few experienced guys that go on a lot of skiing trips but they all seemed to be naturals which I know i'm not gonna be. I have never been...
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    Horology House - Rolex Scam

    This has been big on TRF the past few days. A reputable character with a decent following on YouTube etc. Was busted for selling someone a fake Rolex for $20k, the fake Rolex was sent after circa 3 months of excuses which included the bush fires, the volcano incident and other imaginative...
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    I had this problem last year...

    First round in 2-3 months and first round with a new winter mat. 4th shot of the day took a nice divot! That’s me done until March/April, can’t stand the things.
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    Titleist 716 MB's 4-PW (MCC Grips & X Flex KBS C-Tapers)

    Surplus to requirements as I'm awaiting delivery on some 620 mb's, these are ready to go but wouldn't be able to post until the weekend as I need to buy some suitable boxes however i'm also happy to meet in the Midlands. - 716 MB's standard length and lie. - 4 to PW - Good condition MCC White...
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    Flightscope XI+ Launch Monitor

    I'm in two minds about keeping this however it's looking unlikely i'm going to find the time to best use it or justify joining a course in the UK for that matter over the upcoming season due to work commitments. I bought this off a well respected forummer in April/May 2019 fitted with a new...
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    Comfort or Risk?

    I've been at my current workplace (Architects Practice) since I was 16, so literally just clocked up my 14th year. After a stint of work experience back when I was 15, they offered me an apprenticeship for when I finished school. This came at a good time, as my only interest at the time was...
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    Black Iron Shafts

    Not new but noticed on more and more of WITB's from the pro's they are using black shafts in their irons? Such as the X100 TI Black Onyx is a common choice.. What's the general consensus? Trend or genuine advantages such as glare reduction etc? Or tacky?
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    New clubs, would you use over winter?

    Recently bought some JPX Tours which I have been using the past few weeks, spec is the same as a set of 716 MB's I have sat doing nothing. Been thinking with the spec being so similar would you in the same position use the new clubs up to winter and then switch to the old set, and pick the new...
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    Club V1 Software

    Does anybody have any information at all on the associated costs of the above system for a golf course? I appreciate there are probably a lot of variables and depends on membership numbers etc however any ballpark figures are handy to know.
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    SS calculation

    How is it determined when the majority of the field walk off due to adverse weather conditions? I may be looking in the wrong places but I can’t figure it out online. I managed to battle my way around -1, There was another -1 in and a level. Otherwise there were was a handful of scores from...
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    Self adjusting Query

    Played in a 4bbb medal today, I Scored on 14/18 holes however holed out on the other 4. I had a brilliant round and was -4 my HC, something that is few and far between currently. I assume as I holed out on every hole and kept log of score, with 2 witnesses who confirmed my gross score that I...
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    The Vale Resort Welsh National / Lakes

    Has anybody played recently? Looking to play one of the courses this Tuesday coming just not sure how they will be holding up with the wet weather if anybody has played it recently? I remember it being very wet underfoot last time I played some 7 years or so ago. Free greenfee's at Vale...