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  1. The Gentleman

    The most commonly asked question here?

    I know some of you forumers have been on the forum so long that you now have cobwebs on you (but that longevity is what makes the site so useful, candid and informative)! So, what has been the most commonly asked question on this site during your tenure?
  2. The Gentleman

    Is it worth joining a GC this year?

    So this was the year I was going to bite the bullet and join a golf club. Give up cricket and commit to golf. Well COVID19 put paid to that!! Or has it? Do you think it is worth joining this year if lockdown eases over next month or so (which I feel will happen given what is happening in Europe...
  3. The Gentleman

    Playing cricket and golf mutually exclusive?

    Hi. I am at a stage in my life (44 years old, 2 kids) were playing (Pre-COVID19) both cricket and golf is proving difficult (physically but mainly logistically and practically). Has anyone else faced this dilemma of trying to play both? If yes, did one get the chop?
  4. The Gentleman

    That's me sorted then

    Just ordered a PGA tour pro driving net for my (very small) back garden. Should keep me and my boy entertained during the school closure period. Hope to be playing off scratch by June (currently 24!)
  5. The Gentleman

    Travesty or True test?

    I love this quote from ‘Preferred Lies’ by Andrew Greig. What do you think is the ‘travesty’ - the perfect/sanitised golf courses sought by so many or the raw, natural courses of a bygone age - sculpted by nature. What is the true test? ‘Then the epiphany comes. Looking around for a...
  6. The Gentleman

    School teachers who golf?

    Any school teachers out there who make the most of your school holidays (ducks as teacher holiday haters take aim 😉) to play as much golf as possible? I’m going to try to this year - never managed it before due to kids being too young. Just need to rope my 9 year old into caddying for me.
  7. The Gentleman

    Choice of club - heart over head - any thoughts

    Countdown conundrum. Your thoughts greatly appreciated. BTW - I am not mentioning club names as I don't think it is fair. I want to join a club to play golf (at this stage, not too interested in the whole clubman thing). So, I can join a local club for c. £700 pa (full 7 day membership). The...
  8. The Gentleman

    Compressed air to clean clubs

    Hi Any thoughts on cleaning clubs (mainly club face) with either (i) compressed air (like the compressed air gun we use to clean golf shoes); or (ii) a pressure washer (ie those used to wash cars)? My initial thought is that either methods could work excellently and save me loads of time and...
  9. The Gentleman

    Lost property

    Sorry if this has been discussed to death but I think I just paid £15 on ebay for my TM head cover that I lost on course (not my own club and mentioning no names) a month ago. Do you always hand in 'stuff' that you find during your round to the pro shop? I do and would never think it ok to...
  10. The Gentleman

    Warped thinking or some logic

    I am a high handicap golfer who recently took up the game at 39. I feel my game is going in the right direction and think the fact that I am hitting into more bunkers (on my approach shot) is actually a sign that I am improving. At the very beginning i was not hitting anywhere near the green...
  11. The Gentleman

    10 holes this evening - glorious

    Just back from 10 holes on my tod this evening in SW London. Weather beautiful, course empty, shadows lengthening, birds singing and my golf ...........pretty decent in the main. Hit two or three balls when I fancied it. It's hard to beat twilight golf.
  12. The Gentleman

    Joining first ever club at 40 - any thoughts on joining Coombe Wood in SW London

    Hi New member on the site. 40 years old; live in Wimbledon; have only played golf a handful of times over the years (so not totally new to the game). Have had 8 lessons since start of year. Things going pretty well (except for hitting behind the ball too often). Had a playing lesson last week...