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  1. Skytot

    Hitting a Stake ?

    Played in our board job medal today. I had a good front 9 of 42 of 17hcp . Got on the 10th par 5 , hit a good drive . 2nd shot I used my 5 wood but didn’t hit it well and hit a water hazard stake and ended up behind a tree . Had to pay down the 24th fairway and got a 7 .. playing partner said...
  2. Skytot

    Ask a ball to be marked if your are off the green ?

    Playing a friendly doubles match play tonight, and my playing partner who was just off the green chipping , asked our mate who’s ball was on the green and his ball was on my PP line , if he would mark his ball. Opponent said he would but he doesn’t have too ? Is he correct
  3. Skytot

    HowDidiDo Trophy symbol ??

    Can someone please explain why members have a trophy symbol next to there name ? I first thought they have won a club major but don’t think that’s correct.
  4. Skytot

    What Hcp do you tell people?

    Having just returned to golf after 14 yr break, friends & family ask me what my handicap is ? In the old days it was simple but now not so simple .. My WHS index is 15.0 playing of whites 18 .. So would you folks say 15 or 18 ?
  5. Skytot

    1st comp tomorrow- phone

    I’ve entered my first comp in 14 yrs tomorrow- Bogey . Am I allowed to use my phone app Hole19 for distances ? Last time I played in a comp is was 150yrd markers and that was it . Things have changed a lot since then