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    Are We There Yet? (GPS watches)

    The best thing for me with the rangefinder is knowing the exact yardage to the pin so every shot in providing your leaving a pitchmark you have instant feedback on how far you carry your clubs.
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    Fairway Watering

    Our greens get watered and that’s it. Love the challenge of different condition. Soft and lush or hard with bare lies.
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    What are your views on this scenario?

    Strange he didn’t watch your shot. Anyway i guess it’s a lost ball and even you were not sure where it ended up. The fact you went looking beyond the hazard shows that. In a similar situation I would say I’m not sure if my ball carried the hazard therefore if it’s not just over can we assume its...
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    Golf Ball Fitting

    If you’ve used pro v1,s then that’s about as good as it gets. From there it’s all about technique. Spin is just a by product of a good strike and technique oh and clean grooves. I’ve got down to a low handicap and find all the premium balls similar to be honest. I mainly use pro v1x for a...
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    Light Push trolley recommendations

    Hi I have a light push /pull trolley and got fed up with it blowing over in the wind. Not good with an expensive set of clubs. I ended up buying a Kaddey push/pull. Very stable in the wind which I like and rolls nicely. It is pretty heavy so in and out the car is a workout.
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    When the rough is genuinely rough

    We have a lot of tall fescue rough between holes on our course. It defines the holes beautifully though we don’t have too many trees or water hazards and fairways are generous. If it goes in the rough it,s a really bad sho.
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    The 150th Open

    Cam Smith looks the real deal, and such a young guy. He wanted it and he did what he needed to get it done. The greatest golfers have been the best putters under pressure and Cam Smith fits that bill. Can see him being a long term world no 1 if he resists LIV
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    The 150th Open

    Every time Mc Ginley drones on about how good Mc Ilroy is it seems to be the kiss of death. The best man won and was pushed all the way by Cameron Young who eagled the last.
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    No smoking on the course

    I booked the Hallamshire singles. Need to get a practice round in beforehand tbh.
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    JP Macmanus pro am

    Some of their handicaps looked dodgy, one team was 29 under on the day, 4 net hole in ones and nine net eagles all the rest birdies in one round.
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    Advantages for the flag being left in / out ?

    Personally I find I get a better distance perspective on longer puts if the flag is in. I could put with the flag in most of the time except for when the flag casts a shadow on my line which is moving by the wind or the flag is leaning toward me.
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    Smith works wedges

    I have a 48, 52 and 58 laser etched conforming wedges in gunmetal as they frame the ball nicely. They definitely grab more than a normal wedge. I would say drop and stop rather than zipping back. Certainly give me confidence firing into greens that are firm and fast. I normally use a pro v1x or...
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    71 stroke play today. Score difference 0.9 should see me cut to around 3ish. Felt like Neo in the Matrix, started to believe
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Ive found a lot of people count their scores up after 9th and then the playing partners start to go on about how well your doing. Personally I don’t need to know till after 18th. I still know if I have a good card going but don’t need playing partners talking about it during the back nine. So...
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    LIV Golf

    I see Oliver Bekker is playing DP world this week and he played in the 1st LIV event. Also comparing today’s LIV and PGA entrants you’d think they had got them mixed up. I guess money does talk.
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    F1 2022

    Looks like Red Bull will win constructors and driver’s championship this year. Now I’ve said it it won’t happen 😅
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    23 years of waiting

    Our club we do the same. The few whiskey drinkers must be happy 😅
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    So, what gives you the most satisfaction?

    Well done with the hio.
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    So, what gives you the most satisfaction?

    My 3 wood off the tee has an amazingly satisfying feel and sound. Waiting on the 17th tee today on my own I attempted a trick shot, placed the ball on an upslope opened up my lob wedge and with the ball forward in the stance a full swing the ball went up high and landed behind me. Not sure if...
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    I have two TaylorMade Sim 2 Max hybrids. I find them very versatile and forgiving. I use them off the tee, fairway, rough ect. They give me confidence on long par 3,s vs long irons.