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    Courses around Shropshire Hills

    Kington is fun, well worth playing especially on a nice day. Shame about the dirt track up to it though, hope you don't drive a Ferrari or Lambo 😳
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    The cost of Free Speech in US

    The news in the USA is reporting that the amount he has to pay might be capped at $1.5m
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    LIV Golf

    So if I have basic Sky (which I don't) how much would it cost me a month in total to add golf? I've been quoted more than £100 a month by the guy in my local shopping centre. Genuine question.
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    Buying an electric trolley - why so difficult?!?!

    I have the M1. It has a USB port and I use the phone holder device to hold my phone when using the motocaddy GPS app and plug in a cable to charge the phone so the battery doesn't run out. Very handy. Oh.....and ignore the stated battery life. My '36 hole' lithium lasts 72 holes on flattish...
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    LIV Golf

    A lot of people are paying in excess of £100 a month for Sky to watch golf. I don't understand why you find my comment weird but you're entitled to your opinion.
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    Can't Stop Pulling the Ball

    Biggest cause of a pull is coming over the top trying to hit the ball too hard. Try to feel your right shoulder coming under your chin.
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    Castlerock v Rosapenna Old Tom Morris Links

    Play Sandy Hills instead, I believe it is the same green fee as the Tom Morris but it is considerably better.
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    What's more important to you?

    It would do my head in if I hit my approach shot to 6ft then my birdie putt bobbled off line every time.
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    LIV Golf

    Fixed that for you. Strange how people are prepared to pay as much to watch golf as they are to play golf.
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    Laughter - the best medicine

    It's called humour in a non woke society.
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    Don't know or care what mine are. I'm a bloke that fancies women, all I need to know.
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    LIV Golf

    Saudi money is dirty? Well I never! If LIV is causing such a moral outcry maybe the west should cut off all trade with the Saudis. Billions of pounds/dollars down the pan. Then we can take the moral high ground 👍
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    iPhone steps in bag

    Will you zigzag up the 18th and ruin your score if you haven't reached the required number of steps?
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    Moor Park High Course

    There is a road leading to houses on the estate that runs alongside a fairway, I hit a BMW square on. Apart from that I can't remember much about it other than imposing clubhouse and finishes with a par 3.
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    I've no idea who the guy is, suspect he might be a new member. Lots of guys NR'd on the first day but still played next day so that can't have been his reason.
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    The same guy shot 111 today with a 9 and two 11's on his card. Because of his poor round yesterday he was at the front of the field today so he had a full course backing up behind him. 18 NRs today out of the 99 that started the 2nd round.
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    Dress code ...The belfry / Forest of Arden ??

    This ^^^ All they care about is your dosh.
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    Putter Fitting

    I bought a new putter the other day, didn't have a fitting just tried out a whole bunch from the shop on the practice green and went with the one that gave the best combination of confidence and holed putts. Went with an Odyssey double wide as I prefer the look of a blade but tend to putt better...
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    It's pointless carrying on. With scores like that you are not going to win anything and for handicap purposes those huge numbers get rounded down to nett double bogeys anyway so why hold up everyone behind you?
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    Maybe if you hadn't rushed to keep up it would have been a 116 ;)