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    How often do you play golf per typical month (in summer)

    Just curious how often people would play. Mainly because I'd say I play quite often, probably 11-15, and thought that was decent. However, just looked at MyEG friend list, and one of my mates has posted 37 scores since 2nd April (i.e. 37 scores in 46 days). I also know for a fact he has played...
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    Golfing in Storm Eunice?

    Anyone golfing today in the storm? Would be interested how you get on. Our course is closed due to the high winds, which is fair enough as there are a lot of trees (I'm working anyway, so wouldn't have played). There is a sadistic part of me that would love to play today just for the comedy...
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    Highway Code

    Anybody had any opinions / issues with the Highway Code changes? I didn't really have any. It all seemed fairly logical, and just established how a responsible driver would have driven previously anyway. However, a work colleague was talking about it today, and did point out one change that...
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    Poll - What Irons do you play with?

    I'm trying to convince myself to buy new irons (not really worried about cost, just laziness has prevented me up to now). I use Pings, and as the HQ is close to me, am likely to get custom fitted for Ping again. I use I15's, which are pretty ancient, and I got them second hand. Anyway, I...
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    Jimmy Carr - The End?

    Well, I see Jimmy Carr is under the microscope for telling a joke referencing the holocaust and traveller communities. Thought I'd do a poll (never tried one one here before) I'm intrigued that this could finally be the joke that ends his career. I've heard quite a bit of his comedy, and he has...
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    Club V1 Problems

    I joined a new club yesterday, and then played a round. Before the round, I signed in for a General Play round on their PSI Terminal. After the round, the club house was closed, so could not enter a score. So, I went on to Today's Golf on howdidido. Once I linked myself to the club, I went to...
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    Affiliation Fees - Member at Multiple Clubs

    If I am a member of multiple clubs, do I need to pay the affiliation fees multiple times? My current membership at one club (my only club up to now) expires at end of this month. I will likely rejoin, and the affiliation fees are just included within the overall membership fee. I am also about...
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    England Golf Membership Card

    A member has contacted me saying he contacted England Golf to get a new England Golf Membership Card. They apparently said they have to do it through his club. Does this sound right, and if so what is his club meant to do? I have an old England Golf card, but wasnt sure they still did them
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    Travel Between N Ireland and Ireland - Covid19

    Long shot this, but on the off chance trying to find out what the situation is regarding travel, as I'm finding it difficult to find using Google. I live in England. I was due to go to a stag weekend in N Ireland on 23rd July. However, in their wisdom, they've decided to travel over to...
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    Club Disciplinary Procedure

    Out of interest, as an affiliated golf club, should we have a proper disciplinary procedure, that provides a fair hearing? We are not a members club, and our constitution apparently says the owner can suspend anyone without any warning or explanation.
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    Ladies Versus Men

    Just seeking confirmation, as our summer knockout matches (singles and doubles) include both male and female golfers (mainly men, with a handful of lady participants) The men Course Rating off whites is 69.4, ladies off reds is 71.4. That is a nice round difference of 2.0. So, in singles we...
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    Club V1 - Booking in players with no handicap

    Can this be done on Club V1? We've set up a social roll up, and the intention is to have it available for all members. So, I want to book members in without a handicap, but I cannot seem do do this. Is it possible?
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    GUR around a Penalty Area

    So, we've recently done renovation work around the pond on the 18th. As such, it has a GUR line marked around it. This is to protect the banks and will obviously be temporary. Of course, I realised that most people that hit their ball in the pond took penalty drops to continue, thinking GUR was...
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    Cannot Assign Existing CDH to new member

    I will give the actual details of this, to see if anyone can help. A new member has joined our club, giving us his CDH and Previous Club. On Club V1, I try to add this CDH number, and it simply says "Unable to retrieve details from the CDH" So, on WHS Portal, I search for the player. The only...
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    Two General Play Rounds in a Day

    I know it is early days, but anybody seen any issues with a member trying to submit 2 General Play rounds in one day, using howdidido? Just had a member who played two rounds today, but howdidido did not let him enter the second score.
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    No Returns - WHS

    I'm sure I talked about this before, but cannot find thread, and hopefully other clubs have had more time to think of how to deal with this. No Returns. What do clubs plan to do in terms of: 1. Communicating with players on importance of avoiding No Return Scores in competitions (in terms of...
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    Club V1 - Edit Handicap

    So, we had a member rejoin our club and the owners set him up on our system. They set up a new profile, rather then reinstating Deleted members, so he has no handicap on the system. Two problems 1. Despite him giving me his CDH number, he does not appear on WHS Portal at all, whether I type in...
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    Changing Home Club - Standing Order

    A member wishes to change his Home Club to my club. Using WHS, I sent a request, which his other club received. However, his other club said that his WHS registration wouldn't be released to my club until they receive his 2 outstanding payments (seems like he pays his membership monthly by...
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    I'm a bit late to the party given how long we've been locked down, but finally decided I need to do more exercise without simply focusing on running and wrecking my knees. So, I bit the bullet and ordered a smart indoor exercise bike. Will take some time to get delivered apparently, but when it...
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    Handicaps in Comp with Men and Ladies

    Just out of interest, played in an Open today, that both Men and Ladies could play in. Team event, best 2 scores on each hole count (Stableford). Playing Handicaps were 85% Course Handicap. What adjustment in handicap does anyone suggest for ladies? We only had the old scorecards, but the...