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    Saudi Super League

    I think it’s got potential depending what they do with it. Currently I agree it’s pretty pointless.
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    Saudi Super League

    I quite like the format and with a bit of tweaking I think the teams idea could work well too. Does need a better field though.
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    Driver distance

    My average driver distance is 240, My 5 wood average is showing as 230 so not sure I’m getting the distance I should be with the driver tbh. I am hitting it straighter than I used to though and I’m happy to sacrifice 30 yards for not being three off the tee several times a round!
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    7 iron how far do you hit it?

    Was 170 and then up/down ten yards through the clubs. Had a lesson a couple of weeks ago though and the pro had me working on getting my left hip out of the way more and hands in front of the ball more at impact. When I get it right, it’s added about 20 yards. The problem is I’m not getting it...
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    I need to improve or give up (spoiler alert i don't want to give up!)

    Just on your last point, given the right fundamentals, i think it’s absolutely possible for anyone to break 100. My cousin was in a very similar situation to you, he had a few lessons on the basics (he had the strongest grip I’ve ever seen to begin with and also struggled with distance as he was...
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    New Irons

    I’d add the mizunos in too to try, I ended up going for the pings though as they were the most consistent for me. I don’t think you will need to change them as quickly as you think whichever you go for, so just go with the ones that make you feel the best.
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    Range frustrations - swing opinions

    It would be interesting to see you side on. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing recently and had a lesson the other day. My occasional push was because I wasn’t always clearing my left side. Did a drill on moving my left hip back on the downswing and it really sorted me out. He did say it was a...
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    Best wet/cold weather gloves

    Can the UA ones attach to a trolley? Seen some that are called cart mitts but doesn’t give any details.
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    Best wet/cold weather gloves

    Interested in this as I get cold hands at the best of times. Played yesterday and tried some fj winter gloves, found them hard to get a decent grip on the club and by the middle of the back nine, my fingers had gone numb anyway. Mitts in between shots with hand warmers in them sounds ideal. Is...
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    Question for Shot Scope V3 users

    It should automatically take them out, think it needs to build more data for you first though. This is worth reading through -
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    Anyone else waiting for clubs?

    I got a set of g425s around May and they’ve been used for at least a round and a range session every week since, no issues at all. I hope I don’t jinx it by saying that!
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    Shot scope V3

    That is odd, definitely worth emailing them, they’re good at responding.
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    Shot scope V3

    I’ve learned I’d love to have your putting stats! :)
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    Shot scope V3

    How about in the clubs bit rather than putting?
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    Shot scope V3

    If you just choose the putter, it’ll show you data just for that, does that give an idea of what it might be doing?
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    Shot scope V3

    Yep and the issue with Arccos is you need the link to do similar, but then don’t have the gps to hand
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    Shot scope V3

    The performance averages are for when you’re hitting it well rather than absolute best as such, so gets rid of a lot of the outliers. Ha, are you sure your putter is linked to the right club? There was an update a few months ago. I haven’t used it much recently as currently using Arccos on free...
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    Shot scope V3

    It shouldn’t be. Are your performance averages the same? It should be doing this -
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    Shot scope V3

    Just to add, the short game bit on the dashboard then breaks down performance for each club used within that too.