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  1. Bdill93

    Pairs matchplay Handicaps

    Hi all, What are the allowances for pairs matchplay handicaps and how does it work exactly please? Data as follows if anyone wants it: B Dill - 15.2 - 16 CH Dad - 17.9 - 19 CH Opponent 1 - 12.0 - 13 CH Opponent 2 - 19.6 - 21 CH Match coming on Sunday and want to ensure I calculate the...
  2. Bdill93

    Mid-Handicap Matchplay

    So this evening I am playing in the first round of the KO match play at my club this year. Handicaps are limited in this comp to a PH of 22 - my opponent has an index of 22ish so he will hit this cap and be limited to it - hes in a great run of form this year though and made at least 3/4 top 5...
  3. Bdill93

    HowDidIDo Changes

    Anyone else had all the changes and think its now an utter piece of garbage? Its absolutely awful! Trying to look at the start sheet for Saturday and it doesnt work - our club have had to email it out to everyone. Lots of pretty colours though so Im sure theyre happy with themselves.
  4. Bdill93

    Cornwall Golf

    Due to spend a week in Falmouth this summer 30th July till 6th August and I'd like to get a round of golf in while down there as a reprieve from spending time with my wife's family... :ROFLMAO: I played a round in Woolacombe last year and loved the challenge of playing in such insane wind...
  5. Bdill93

    Blobbing it (Socially)

    When I first started playing golf, 18 months ago or so, I played stroke play every single time I played. My thought process here was simple, I can only track improvement by seeing what I score over 18 or 9 holes playing in full competition rules. This got boring after a while. These days if im...
  6. Bdill93

    Wilson D7 & Wilson Staff

    In the summer of 2020 after taking up golf and having a few lessons it was pointed out to me that my clubs were too short and as I have very long legs, I might benefit from a set of custom fit clubs. So me being me - I went for it, enjoyed the fitting experience and was excited to get my new...
  7. Bdill93

    Driver Yardage struggle

    Hi all, So to get straight to the point, I simply cannot get my driver to achieve the distance that I believe I should achieve. The big stick is far from my longest club and Im struggling to understand why.. Heres a breakdown of the rest of my long club yardages (trackman) 4 wood - 226 3...
  8. Bdill93

    What area of your game impressed you?

    Golf came back yesterday in England, and ill be honest, being as I have only been playing for 10 calendar months (4 lost to lockdowns) I was expecting to almost revert back to scores over 100 again - I didnt (phew). I actually had a 44 in the morning and 43 in the evening over 9 holes (both...
  9. Bdill93

    Fishing tackle

    Hi all, Me and the old man used to do a lot of fishing when I was 13/14 but we packed away the kit one day, and it never came back out. This weekend we had a big clear out and clean up, we still have the majority of our old kit thats useable and would like to get back into it - but after a bit...
  10. Bdill93

    Youtube Golf

    Hi all, Bored in lockdown - classic. Any channels, ideally where you can watch actual golf matches etc, that you recommend? In the last lockdown I abused golf videos on youtube.. I have no more Rick Sheils or Peter Finch to watch! Ive also listened to the podcast in full and honestly, just...
  11. Bdill93

    Scramble Handicaps

    Quick one - can anyone share the advised handicap allowances for Texas Scrambles under WHS? 4 ball example if possible! Thanks in advance!! Ben
  12. Bdill93

    Coventry Golf Club

    So during the summer I had the pleasure of playing a round with other forumites and guests at Coventry Golf Club as part of the RickG memorial day. This was also my first foum meet up/ golf society day ever! Firstly - what a golf course! - If you read no further I urge you to jump at the chance...
  13. Bdill93

    Wedge Spread

    Looking for a bit of advice and to see what others do. In my bag I carry the following wedges - PW (45d), SW, 56 degree (I bump and run with my 7 or 8) Ive just found out my SW is 55 degrees and to be honest, I only carry it to play from the sand so other clubs arent effected/ ruined. What...
  14. Bdill93

    My first Handicap

    A little info on the cards and course Course SSS: 66 Par: 69 Card 1: 91 Card 2: 87 Card 3: 99 My handicap - 19!!! God its lower than I expected, and since the weathers got hotter I've not gone below 98! Work to do!