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  1. J55TTC

    Hankley Common

    Played Hankley as a courtesy as there was some open on at Hindhead. Last time I played was a few years ago, I remember the 2nd being a nice little par 3 but the recent changes are just wow. This little par 3 is now my favourite hole!
  2. J55TTC

    Parkstone photo dump

    Incredible place, attention to detail around the bunkers and greens was immense, certainly worthy of its place in the top 100. Loved every minute.
  3. J55TTC


    Lovely drive down the 4th, comes to rest in the first cut… second shot not the best but before it comes to a stop a walkers dog picks it up and runs about with it… eventually bringing it almost all of the way back to me before dropping it in the fairway. Play it as it lies is what I thought...
  4. J55TTC

    Pencil / scratch bag?

    Contemplating a pencil bag for summer anyone here use one? Generally I only carry 12 clubs but thought the pencil bags were aimed more at a half set? Would 12 clubs fit? Never had one but I love the simplicity.
  5. J55TTC

    2022 Titleist AVX

    I was sent some titleist AVX balls to test from #teamtitleist. I haven’t bought these before although I’ve found a couple of mint ones on the course in the past and was generally impressed. These 2022 AVX have the <TEST> logo on the side but the box has a simple AVX logo. First of all...
  6. J55TTC

    Hindhead January ‘22

    The front 9 was heavenly this morning!
  7. J55TTC

    Garmin ct10 sensors

    Thinking of getting the 3 sensor pack for my 50, 54 and putter. I’m finding the Garmin stats very interesting but the S62 doesn’t track chipping or putting. Has anyone fitted these to their wedges and putter? If so are they worth it? I’m happy to select the club on the s62 for each tee shot...
  8. J55TTC

    Titleist AVX in winter

    Played a few rounds in the summer with an AVX and quite liked it to be fair, I’m not really consistent enough to scientifically prove anything but AVX or pro V1 / x seemed to do the same thing for me, the x being a bit more clicky obviously. Played with an AVX yesterday at around 2*C and driver...
  9. J55TTC

    Pro-SL in winter?

    Does anyone who wears the Pro-SL by footjoy wear them through winter? My winnings are burning a hole in my pocket and I need a pair of shoes, however I wanted something a bit more dual purpose if that makes sense? I have a pair of nike lunar control vapor with the snowmobile design treads and...
  10. J55TTC

    Sand Martins

    I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts, opinions on Sand Martins? I need to find myself a decent “home” that isn’t too far away I’m on the doorstep of west hill but unfortunately the joining fee is a deal breaker.
  11. J55TTC

    2 balls allowed

    My interpretation of this paragraph form the document is 2 balls will be allowed
  12. J55TTC

    Driving ranges?

    Im hoping EGU will clarify if driving ranges will be allowed to open. I cant see it happening myself and I saw in the US golf started before ranges did. I was thinking last night that most ranges have ball washers, a mild disinfectant could be added to decontaminate the balls between uses. A...
  13. J55TTC

    Anyone dislocated their shoulder?

    Dislocated my shoulder on the weekend - Gutted! Has anyone done this before? I appreciate everyone is different etc but wondered about realistic recovery times? Fracture clinic (although it was not fractured) says wear the sling for 3-4 weeks *cry*
  14. J55TTC

    Mizuno tour truck fitting day...

    I'm in the market for a new set of irons, I've been a mizuno fan for ever so I'm not looking at trying any other manufacturers. I was going to book a custom fit at Silvermere for next week (birthday) but just noticed there is a Mizuno tour truck fitting day at Silvermere towards the end of...
  15. J55TTC

    Mizuno 919 tour & MP-18

    Popped into my local AG today with the sole intention of comparing my old 850 forged vs the new 919 tour. Reviews had suggested the 919 tour were more like blades than cavities but I found them amazingly forgiving. My thought process was to get these in 7-PW with 4-6 in the forged but I actually...
  16. J55TTC

    Most compact electric trolley

    I leave my current push trolley in my locker at the club, I’d like an electric trolley without the hassle of having to lug it to and from the course, plan was to take the battery home to charge. The Locker will fit a standbag full of clubs. Anyone know of an electric trolley that will fit...
  17. J55TTC

    Mizuno "quick Iron Selector"

    Possibly looking at replacing my 4 year old mizuno 850 forged, Ive got on with them well coming down steadily over the last 3 years from ~18 to 11.7 (lowest) currently 12.2 Ive always loved Mizuno Irons and intend to stick with them so used the "quick iron selector" via their website and the...
  18. J55TTC

    FJ Pro SL grip

    I’ve been tempted by these a number of times but every time I dismiss them as being spikeless and the design of the tread doesn’t appear that they would grip very well. I moved to lunar Vapor with the snow track type of tread and found grip to be way better than my old soft spikes. Can...
  19. J55TTC

    The off season

    Its the time of year where I golf less and less and always start day dreaming ahead to spring. Im a bit torn, my fitness levels are non existent (used to do triathlon) and I know this is something I could improve on over the winter, it would also give me something to focus on. However, and...
  20. J55TTC

    Joining a club at this time of year...

    Its a long story that I wont bore you all with but I didn't renew my membership when it was due in September. I didn't want to commit due to work circumstances, however, its looking certain I could remain in ol' blighty after all. With the weather as it is lately, (pouring down all week so far)...