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    Board refusing cancellation despite offering to other members?!?

    Holidays are a sunk cost as well You pay for the holiday. Then the day of the holiday, you either go on it, or stay at home. You spent the same amount either way.
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    Board refusing cancellation despite offering to other members?!?

    Golf membership is a SUNK cost If you can afford to pay for a year's sub, it doesn't matter if you play or not, you sunk that disposable income Black swan events should not change that.
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    Why do people do it?

    Just moved out of London. Was great for some stuff, but never really felt safe. Cost of living being more expensive is just a myth. Tesco/Aldi/Waitrose is the same price everywhere in the country. I have paid £5 a pint in pretty much every city in the country too. Now live in Surrey, 1 hour...
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    How's your course bearing up in this exceptionally wet weather?

    Weather been a joke Never can remember anything like this Not played a round in over a month
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    Barclays fantasy football Prem 18-19

    Almost half way through the season? How is everyone getting on? I got far too into FPL this season, screaming at the TV yesterday when Zaha scored, swear he only only finishes that 1 in 100 times, he is a total donkey for my money
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    Range Prices!

    £12 for 120 balls at greenwich driving range. You only get a 1 hour slot too
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    Budget balls

    If you happy with that standard fair enough. Can pick up very decent ball likes Z star for £2 a ball, worth it as if you shooting sub 90 shouldn't be losing too many balls.
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    Barclays fantasy football Prem 18-19

    just joined. good luck all
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    Budget balls

    I wouldnt buy second hand balls. They are going to be too inconsistent Pick up some srixon 3 for 2 at club house get balls for quid a ball
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    What percentage in your medals shoot under CSS?

    CSS changing is to do with number of people buffering or better. It is a formula that is automatically run on HDID etc The 20% thing for hitting handicap is just a myth. Some people are steady and will shoot around handicap most rounds. Some people are very streak, shooting rubbish rounds...
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    I bought today.....

    Going to try a ping g400 12degree driver from golfbidder. My driving been awful never hit fairways, want to see if it helps me get it straighter
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    Asian woman 😁😁

    Imagine the uproar if they said "They wanted to concentrate on males only, really focus on them, and not spend money on trying to encourage females who were unlikely to play it anyway." I actually really enjoyed playing netball when younger. Not sure why it should be a female sport.
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    Asian woman 😁😁

    Sorry I don't think it is easier making a living playing pro golf as a man. It supports a few hundred then there are thousands, tens of thousands, who are on mini tours needing backing trying to make a break through. We hear the sob stories about the top women not getting paid millions, but it...
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    Asian woman 😁😁

    Plenty of great Koreans on the men's PGA tour. Far easier to become a tour professional as a female than a man. Significantly more men play than women. If you took two 4 year old kids, a man and a woman, and gave them both world class training at golf, the woman would be more likely to become...
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    I read the report but not sure what ball to get. Looking to invest in the best bang for it's buck. I swing at 100mph driver speed to right in between all the tests. what have other people taken away from this? anyone changed the ball they play from the results.
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    Golf Random Irritations

    People who hover about 2 feet from the hole with the flag in their hands while you are trying to make an important short putt Seriously dont pick up the flag or be near the hole till all balls are holed out
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    Win or Handicap cut

    Very impressive progress. A would take a big cut over a win.
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    Brooks: The new Tiger?

    Brooks had a great few years, shining when the courses are really tough, for example US Opens. But over the next 10 years if i had to bet who will have the most success, it would still be Rory. He dominates tee to green strokes gained stats like Tiger did back at his peak, long term this...
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    How to shallow the downswing for a serial steep player

    Ok very interesting to hear, will research this further now, i find it so hard to analyse my own swing as what i feel is happening is so different to seeing it back in slow mo. Thanks for the feedback. Thanks appreciate it put a lot of work in and been hitting the ball great recently. I mainly...
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    How to shallow the downswing for a serial steep player

    Yes all my videos my club face is doing that after impact. I didn't realise but looks like i am toe striking all my shots without realizing. This might explain some of the hook spin i am putting on shots?