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  1. wrighty1874

    Handicap question

    I played in a Comp on Saturday and buffered. I forgot to sign my card and was DQ'd. Is that why I got 0.1 back?
  2. wrighty1874

    Edinburgh courses

    I’m looking to play a course in Edinburgh or nearby on Friday or Saturday morning. Is it easy booking a tee time on a Saturday morning? Preferably a club that rent electric trolleys or even manual ones. Any suggestions would be welcome. Cheers Nick
  3. wrighty1874

    Edinburgh area

    I’m up in Edinburgh for the weekend and wondered if anybody is available for a knock this Friday. Early morning or evening would be preferable.
  4. wrighty1874

    Celtic Manor

    The missus wants to go in half term and I don't know which is the best to play between Roman Road and the Montgomerie. Your opinions would be appreciated, cheers Nick. Post edited so it now makes some sort of sense Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mod Team :)
  5. wrighty1874


    Reading Let's talk About KEVONBRIDGES, Great read and still 250 pages Togo.
  6. wrighty1874

    Knock tomorrow

    Anybody on the Warwick area up for a knock between 7 and 10
  7. wrighty1874

    Laptop query

    Today I was going to import some photos from my phone onto the laptop. Turned on the laptop and nothing. Any ideas before I take it to a repair shop. Thanks in advance. Not been a great day!!
  8. wrighty1874

    House insurance query

    While I was fixing a leak in my garage roof ( flat roof ) my wife who was inside the garage noticed the chipboard is virtually rotten, about 70% of it. Can I claim on my house insurance to get it repaired? Thanks in advance.
  9. wrighty1874


    Picked up a set of these for £130 onFriday from the maintenance man at our club.Used them Saturday and today. Lovely clubs and a great response when landing on the greens. 6.0 rifle shafts in them and well happy.
  10. wrighty1874

    Tues Knock

    Anybody tree for a knock on Tuesday 4th July within 30 mile radius of Warwick for a morning tee off?
  11. wrighty1874

    Lymington area

    I'm on holiday for a few days and have a pass out tomorrow morning for a game. Anybody available who lives in the area.
  12. wrighty1874


    My wife has signed paperwork to buy a second hand car from aVauxhall dealership c/w 2 year warranty and a "diamond brite " paint cover. She did this yesterday and has decided today she doesn't want these two add ons. Can she cancel them and just purchase the car? I think she can but she's not so...
  13. wrighty1874

    Motocaddy gps app

    I downloaded the app the other day, it's a free one and am really impressed with it. Anybody else tried it and what do you think?
  14. wrighty1874

    Garmin fault

    I've had my Garmin about 4 years. I've just put my rechargeable batteries in and it's not coming on. Does anybody know the lifespan for one of these? Cheers. Just what I needed on Woburn eve!!
  15. wrighty1874

    Hearts v Raith Rovers

    Does anybody know if the game is on TV tomorrow night?Cheers.
  16. wrighty1874

    Waterproof shoes. Myth or fact?

    I've tried Nike ,Stubert, Callaway and none do a second winter preventing water getting in.Got my refund on the Callaway shoes and after several people told me to get Footjoys I thought I'd be on to a winner.Played first round with them yesterday and blow me, damp all around the instep.Bloody...
  17. wrighty1874

    KBS C Taper 105 shaft

    Looking for a set of irons with these shafts in?
  18. wrighty1874

    Last minute knock

    Anybody fancy a knock round Kenilworth today around noon.?
  19. wrighty1874

    CB orMB

    I know what shaft I want, but am undecided on whether to use a cavity back or muscle back head .Currently trying out Mizunos in both. What are the pros and cons please?
  20. wrighty1874

    Edinburgh knock

    I'm in Edinburgh for a few days with the family and am looking for a game Friday tea time.Anybody up there fancy playing this Friday?