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  1. wrighty1874

    What's your best score?

    One under three times about. 15 years ago.
  2. wrighty1874

    Wanted - 4 Wood

    I've got a Benross 4 wood 16°
  3. wrighty1874

    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Watching a great French series called Spiral. There are 8 series, currently on 4 episode 2.Right up there with the Scandi versions.
  4. wrighty1874

    Subscriptions/current course closures - what is your club doing?

    Subs due in March, 2% increase, in line with inflation. Club has done a lot of work during lockdown and course is in great nick. Probably will have a waiting list for new members. They recruited loads after initial lockdown.
  5. wrighty1874

    What Have You Got to Look Forward to During Lockdown

    Curry tomorrow night and the golf club opening again.
  6. wrighty1874

    new clubs for 2021

    I bought the Speedzone irons back on May and love them, but I may try the Forge Tecs when the courses open again.
  7. wrighty1874

    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    So good they named it twice. Best programme I've seen on telly.
  8. wrighty1874

    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    DNA was excellent, and Back to Life seems to be going in the right direction. Just started watching Spiral on BBC I Player starting at the beginning because it will direct you to series 8.Very good French offering.
  9. wrighty1874

    RIP Colin Bell

    I had the privilege of chatting to him once when I worked at Butlins in Bognor Regis 40 years ago. He had a football coaching school and he was in the bar I worked at. Lovely bloke and modest.
  10. wrighty1874

    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    DNA is very good. Your Honor is another great series with Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad fame. The Enemy Within. Is another cracking series.
  11. wrighty1874

    Dementia Awareness

    Dementia is quite rife on my father's side of the family, but they all had very long lives, and didn't develop until their 80s, some lived well into their 90s and it was especially horrible seeing my grandad come down with it, as I lived in England while he was in Edinburgh, so couldn't really...
  12. wrighty1874

    Subscriptions/current course closures - what is your club doing?

    Our club have said they are looking at ways to reward our loyalty. Don't know what yet, all I want is those new flagsticks that you can get your ball out with a putter without damage to the hole.
  13. wrighty1874

    Handicap question

    I played in a Comp on Saturday and buffered. I forgot to sign my card and was DQ'd. Is that why I got 0.1 back?
  14. wrighty1874

    Buying wider fitting golf shoes

    Just bought a pair of Skechers, the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.
  15. wrighty1874

    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    Look Now by Elvis Costello and the Imposters.
  16. wrighty1874

    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Just finished Desdwindon Netflix. Finland’s answer to The Bridge, very good.
  17. wrighty1874

    Midlands Course

    Just off Jct22 is Kirby Muxloe. Nice track and good clubhouse and good food.
  18. wrighty1874

    Ryder Cup 2018 - Paris

    Poults, you’re a legend. Take a bow my son.
  19. wrighty1874

    Ryder Cup 2018 - Paris

    Poulter has been brilliant. Johnson holing from everywhere and he’s still leading. Come on Yoorup!!
  20. wrighty1874

    Edinburgh courses

    I’m looking to play a course in Edinburgh or nearby on Friday or Saturday morning. Is it easy booking a tee time on a Saturday morning? Preferably a club that rent electric trolleys or even manual ones. Any suggestions would be welcome. Cheers Nick