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  1. toyboy54

    The Godfather part 2

    Great programme on the Beeb last night in tribute to The Man-Walter Smith....must admit to a few sniffles!! I say part 2 in deference to Mr. Stein who, let's face it, will never be surpassed!! All the best to everyone-even the ones who don't appreciate Govan:rolleyes:love and kisses!!
  2. toyboy54

    2022-a New Year?

    Just to wish everyone here- that's the Mod, Mike and co, and all us punters who post-a very happy ( and hopefully better) New Year than the majority of us seem to have had over the last two(y) Take care one and all but please look after both yourself and yours:love: Cheers everyone--and my...
  3. toyboy54

    Too good to be true??

    Been following Pro's advice and looking at Ebay (yep, he told me to) for Hybrids to replace my 3,4,5 and 6 irons! Thought this was very cruel as I'd convinced myself that I was almost pro-like hitting them in our (admittedly indoor and heated) swing room:mad: But as he said-with all the gadgets...
  4. toyboy54

    E Bay and Dollars

    Been having a toodle around on E BAY last night and tonight (well rangers vs Hibs=boring: OH YA BEAUTY-NOT NOW!!!!(y)) Anyway came upon a Wilson stand/carry bag last night in very fetching Wilson red, and in great nick too) with a couple of days left to bid-IN STERLING, from somewhere down...
  5. toyboy54

    Lessons-Indoor vs Outdoor?

    Just heading up for lesson with our Craig and it will be in the all singing, all dancing indoor swing studio (which cost a fair amount) All this because it's teeming down.............but should be thankful to have this facility I suppose. The thing is, I would rather practise outside (granted...
  6. toyboy54

    Another Legend Gone!

    So sad to hear of the death of the wonderful talent and even bigger personality that was BERTIE AULD!! What a player, and one who could more than 'handle himself on the field'-as Leeds United found out in the European Cup semi-final where he went right through Bremner, Charlton, Giles et al( so...
  7. toyboy54

    Disrespect OR Ignorance?

    Was walking up the Main ST. near 11 a.m. today, stopped moving at minute or so to 11a.m. in at ease stance, church bells went off at 11 on the dot. Was quietly seething at the amount of people of all ages that just kept going about their business as if it was a normal day! I say quietly seeth...
  8. toyboy54

    Literary Fame

    Anyone ever had their club ever mentioned in a novel ( fiction, that is )?? Have just seen that place I'm at -Fereneze G.C. in Barrhead gets mentioned ( with a few nice words about the views, the course, the clubhouse--and the truculence of the secretary:rolleyes::eek:) gets a few pages devoted...
  9. toyboy54


    Without getting jumped on by MODS-but is anyone else watching this? Pretty powerful stuff!! Mean I'm NOT being political here-honest!:love:
  10. toyboy54

    Slow play at The AIG Ladies Open-Carnoustie

    What dimwit thought it would be a good idea to put Kelsey MacDonald-who doesn't mess around time-wise on the course along with a well known slow player-Sarah Schmezel of U.S.A. along with Chloe Williams-again U.S.A....with the result that Kelsey is given the added pressure of 'being on the...
  11. toyboy54

    Who's On / watching??

    Used to be that you could click on a thread section ( The Lounge etc ) and see a list of names on r.h.s. showing who was all live ) What's happened / can't access this ? Or has my brain been fried too much after TIA and I'm missing something obvious??
  12. toyboy54

    Saturday night music

    Had a good night last night listening to David Tennant interviewing the Proclaimers on their ways/meanings/stories behind the songs they make-a host of big names seem to have a lot of time for them-Kevin Rowland of Dexies, Matt Lucas, JUSTIN from Del Amitri+ a few others all followed by their...
  13. toyboy54

    Hero Championship

    What a finish to the above at St. Andrews! Local boy-Grant Forrest catches and overtakes James Morrison over the last couple of holes with some aggressive golf, lovely to watch (y)
  14. toyboy54

    Re-visiting Open Comps.

    Been fortunate enough to play in 2 OPENS ( o.k.,they were for the 'oldies') this year -T MY PLACE AND AT bELLSHILL-both times with folk I've been fortunate enough to meet through the Forum i.e. williamalex1 and an ex Motherwell and Scotland footballer + met their mates....Good folk-all of them /...
  15. toyboy54

    Braveheart --( in ITALIAN )

    Billie--Think this would go down a treat ( with a faint few ) on here!!...Me and SWMBO loved it:giggle: Try uploading on here and then stand back;) Brilliant, big man, just brilliant!!
  16. toyboy54

    British Womens Amateur-Seniors at Ashbridge

    AmandaJR...Help needed here Amanda ( if you would be so kind )! Managed to find a www. this a.m. and check on Fairway Dodger / Kaz / Karens progress in this tourney-have tried the same thing tonight and find myself on god knows what sites wanting my details / American comp. results etc...
  17. toyboy54

    Deer Deer

    Love it Billie, love it! Message rec'vd and understood!! As previous-play well tomorrow ( all of you ) Roll on 2 p.m. FF...Jimbo
  18. toyboy54

    Beautiful Swings.

    Watching the golf-and taken a fancy to MATSUYAMA-qualify that-HIS SWING!! just so easy,same timing ( or seems to be ) on every shot---Could be the way forward for this non-working, gentleman? of leisurely pursuits which includes traipsing round a hilly course carrying a bag of supposedly 'the...
  19. toyboy54

    Thanks MODS-

    Understood MODS- message now deleted/time was running out but bookings now made at both courses! Appreciate your concern and again my thanks! Jimbo
  20. toyboy54

    Anybody rent out property?

    Watching prog-Bad Tenants,Rogue Landlords and just cannot get over how tenants can get away with THIEVING from people! Yeh,yeh..I know that the prog is set up to show a certain slant-and play on the emotions,but have these people no respect for themselves and the owners(who have helped them)...