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    Where would you play your last round and why?

    Little Hay Golf Complex. It's where I learned to play so a round there with my friends from home and a sausage sandwich in the bar after would be perfect to finish on. I haven't played there in years as well so shooting a good score there would bring some satisfaction (as would not having to...
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    Tee Times hack? Anyone got a hack/code? We use IG

    The best hack that works at my club is having friends in the right places - you can get a good tee time every week that way!!
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    Do you want a higher or lower handicap?

    I want to get my handicap as low as I can, I'm not bothered about winning comps - I see it as a personal challenge to be the best I can be and winning a comp is dependent on others having or not having a good day. My target at the moment is to get to 12 next year and eventually to single...
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    FootJoy giveaway - who wins the Masters?

    Patrick Cantlay -5
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    I've got a quarter zip fleece in navy blue, it's been great so far on the course and off. I've got a glove from them too which has been as good as any other I've had. I also use the balls as they are good value and I wouldn't notice any benefit with a premium ball.
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    Is a £169 Package Set Worth it?

    Back in the day I started with a set of Donnay clubs from Sports Soccer (I think it was in those days) for about £100 and they did me well for a few years. I liked that they were brand new and all matching. After a few years of light use one or two of the heads eventually ended up 50 yards or so...
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    Playing my first 18 holes tomorrow

    I think a good goal for beginners is to improve your worst scores - aim for a round without any triple bogies, then double bogies etc.
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    Almost ever shot is going left now

    The most important thing to do is listen to your coach and practice any drills they give you. There are lots of aspects to a swing so they will work on one or two at a time. I'm sure they will have you hitting it straight (ish at least!) soon enough.
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    Choosing Irons

    Look good = feel good = play good. It's the universal law that applies when buying any sporting equipment or attire.
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    Ball buried in aeration slit

    Thanks all!
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    Ball buried in aeration slit

    Not sure on that one, I a new member so have been practicing on my own. Aiming to play on Saturday so will check when I am there. Does that mean there could be one that allows a free drop otherwise unplayable?
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    Ball buried in aeration slit

    Hi, When I was practicing last night I hit a drive onto the fairway and when I got to my ball it was buried in an aeration slit. I have been trying to confirm what the ruling should have been if this was in a comp. The slits were cut into the fairway a few weeks ago and the dry weather has...
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    I bought today.....

    Ping G25 3 wood. Slowly building out a second hand set, just 3 Hy and driver to go. Driver will have to wait until I'm no longer fading the 3 wood!
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    How should the winner be decided if scores are tied?

    Nearest the pin on a par 3?
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    I bought today.....

    Golf club membership for the first time as an adult!
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    London Golfers

    Great list, I spent hours searching for courses I could get to via train last year. My old job was right by Blackfriars so I could jump on the train at 5pm and tee off at Mitcham at 5:40 and get a full 18 in. Hoping to get to Wanstead as soon as lock down is over.