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    Minister grabs activist

    I hadn't realised I did until you informed me! Thanks,am happy to stand by it, surely a dozen ways a real man could of dealt with that situation but he did nothing but show his true colours...a git pure and simple and a spineless one at that
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    Minister grabs activist

    For me looking at the pics,he's just another entitled bully who has no problems physically assaulting women, she'd clearly wandered around most of the room brandishing nothing more than a red dress and yet look at his face...he's done that before,pig of a man who clearly can't have a woman...
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    Where is it going to come from.

    I saw a segment on a news feed only a few days ago regarding something along these lines, slightly different but bare with it was an island community whose needs couldn't be met with wind and solar year round........the solution? Every car will be electric which in itself isn't amazing...
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    Are We Being Conned

    Well done 💪 like I said get fitted which you did 😃 I still stand by my post and think you'd be lonely in a queue of people who dropped 5 shots in a yr due to the latest driver being thaaat much better than the one you used previously... Good add for custom fitting 👍
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    Are We Being Conned

    Imo there's no doubt the industry is extracting the bodily fluids.The last decade in particular has seen drivers that do everything except drive you to the course and yet is anyone reaally improving their scores? Are hcaps coming down on average for Joe public because they bought a 450£ driver...
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    Another member here,big fan
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    Tour Golf v PGA Golf

    Interesting chat although for me it just confirms that we don't ever really need bifurcation as the big boys,in many ways,are playing a different game already. If you're a young guy with stars in your eyes off +1, maybe+2 by all means give it a ride but week in week out that's a million miles...
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    Generating Power

    It's technique as well, they use the ground and generate enormous power just through getting the sequence right from the top by starting at the bottom
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    Rule breach or not?

    Right you are 👍
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    Rule breach or not?

    I suppose that's the point I was trying to make,pick his ball up and concede it before he has the chance to influence matters...
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    Rule breach or not?

    Great example of how to manage it was in RC @ medinah.Westwood and Colsearts V Tiger &Stricker 4bbb .Colsearts was on in 2 and putting for birdie and on a hot streak (thankfully for westy!!) While SS had found water,he played up anyway and when on green was looking to give tiger a line on his...
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    Golf range question.

    We have a "range" which is more just a practice ground and a "practice area" alot closer to 1st tee. Pros? Practice ground you are hitting off turf,it's reasonable in condition and has targets to aim at,I'd rather be there after work or dinner than watching Corrie any old day and good to see...
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    How far do you live from your home course

    Can see the course across the beach from my bedroom window 😎 comfortably less than 10 min walk from mine to 1st tee ,when I'm lazy 1 min drive
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    Arthritis in thumb.

    I've been on Immuno suppressants for years for arthritis,I get it everywhere depending on which way the wind blows.Ive tried compression gloves...not for me! Magnetic bracelet... jury's out. The best I've found for my hands and plenty of other spots is a steady diet of ibuprofen and paracetamol...
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    Abortion Laws in the US

    Modern western democracy (s) oppressing women,laws put in place by old men and it's fine. Muslim countries the world over , exclusively run by men oppressing women... "disgusting,barbaric terrorists" how dare they!?! Who knew imaginary friends were so useful to hide behind?
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    Abortion Laws in the US

    Terrifying and sad as once again evangelical old men enforce their will on women and their bodies... Once again I'm delighted not to be American
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    Social Media has reached its limit

    I'm guessing we still have quite a ways to go to get to the bottom of the barrel
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    Have family premium account so we can all use it and compile our own playlists etc etc, for us well worth it,I also use it at work so for me a big yes👍 Once you dump the ads you'll never want to go back
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    Clothes - do you follow fashion?

    Sadly...or happily I've had pretty much the same haircut for 25 years and if you looked at photos from back in the day I'll be wearing jeans and t-shirts... just like now but I can afford nicer ones! When I dress up someone's died or is getting married
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    Golf hand tan

    With any luck you're a van driver and can contrast your left hand with your right arm tan😎