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    Clicgear Cozy

    I feel a bit stupid now as I had completely missed the bit about it fitting other branded carts. :oops: Either way if anyone does stumble across this thread I can certainly vouch for how good the product is at both stabilsing stand bags but also protecting the legs when against the trolley!
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    Clicgear Cozy

    Has anyone used a Clicgear Cozy on any other trollies apart from Clicgears? I've had one in the past and it was brilliant for keeping stand bags secure but I've now got a motocaddy and wanting to go back to a single stand bag so I'm wondering if I can make this work...
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    Par 6's and 7's

    There is a 712 yard par 5 at Styrrup Hall and to be honest I just find it boring. It's a talking point I guess but I find these longer holes tend to lack character
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    Playing golf with a hangover - tips?

    Electrolyte tablets are your friend here. Something like high5 zero or SIS. One with water before bed and again in the morning.
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    Win a pair of FootJoy shoes

    Thomas USA 15-13
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    Win three FootJoy Premium Performance gloves

    Rahm USA 15 - 13
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    Buffing and polishing of heads - any advice

    I tend to use Bar Keepers Friend which cleans up my irons great. I've not tried it on rust spots but I believe it should work really well.
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    Waterproof recommendations?

    I've just double checked which I have and it is a paclite one: I suspect it's probably a size too small once I have a couple of layers on but I just find it either non breatheable in the summer or too tight in the...
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    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    If not the AD333 then I've always loved the Bridgestones(E6 etc) for the money although they may have crept up to the £20 mark by now. EDIT: also can't go wrong with the Wilson Staff balls in the budget range
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    Waterproof recommendations?

    After the recent downpours and thinking ahead for the Autumn/Winter I'm keen to canvas opinions on what have been your favourite waterproofs. I've previously had a Ping F3D suit that served me well for a long time and then replaced with Adidas Gore-Tex which I've become to loath as it's...
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    Recommend a waterproof cart bag (see post 5)

    I can only personally vouch for the H2NO staff bags but it doesn't seem that AG have these in at the minute. If I were choosing it would be between the Stadry or the Ping Pioneer Monsoon and the Ping would probably edge it.
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    Zen Golf Mechanics (Marcus Bell + Robin Matthews-Williams)

    Had a couple of lessons with him back in the day when it was about £30. Great guy but the philosophy didn't quite gel with me at the time. To be fair I wanted to go back for a couple of lessons until I saw how much he is charging now :cry:
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    Ping irons -current lead times?

    I was just advised by my pro yesterday that orders for irons placed today are typically waiting until September
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    There's a few at my club that have the Zoom Focus X and they seem really happy with them
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    Am I overreacting (update it was a prank)

    The next email will be that they are charging division 3 players more for their subs because they play more shots than the other divisions.
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    I bought today.....

    After todays down pour a H2NO Staff bag
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    Hybrid golf bags

    Has anyone found the hybrid golf bags a good replacement for those of us that like to carry and push? I'd say 80% of my rounds are with my trolley but I do really enjoy a stand bag for a quick 9 holes or range sessions etc. At the minute I have both a stand bag and a cart bag but the minimalist...
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    Win a pair of the all-new FootJoy Premiere Series!

    Packard Black 10.5 (y)
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    No golf again!

    Unfortunately I think this is where the sentiment comes into it. When you allow a particular sport/past time to be allowed for one, everyone else then starts comparing and stamps their feet on why their hobby should be allowed which can then lead to unrest. The hope is that these national...
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    Evnroll putters

    I've been sorely tempted for an ER2 but not as yet had the chance to actually try one. I do wonder how much better the grooves are vs something like the Ping TR grooves, I suspect not a lot in it.