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  1. virtuocity

    Bob Rotella books (box set)

  2. virtuocity

    Bob Rotella books (box set)

    Hi folks- anyone fancy a read at these? Tenner delivered. PM me please- I'm not on the forum much, so will get an email alert that way :)
  3. virtuocity

    Garmin S10 approach watch

    Sorry sold. Please shut the read.
  4. virtuocity

    Poor etiquette OR opponent over reacting

    I’m cool as a cucumber when you comment about hooking my putt and then subsequently dragging it left.
  5. virtuocity

    Energy suppliers

    I’m like a lot of people having a supplier who went bust. Our energy prices have jumped 20% overnight. Add in a similar increase in fuel and food prices and we’re starting to cut our cloth accordingly which has required some pretty serious conversations at home. Good old Brexit.
  6. virtuocity

    Garmin S10 approach watch

    Hi all. Hardly used (genuinely 6 or less rounds). In original box, instructions and usb charger included. £75 plus couple of quid postage.
  7. virtuocity

    Par 74?

  8. virtuocity

    Has the Lockdowns made you fatter or fitter?

    That sounds like a rubbish takeaway. I prefer a curry with all the trimmings…but perhaps that’s your point. Brilliant advice in there. 👍👍👍 Daft question- does being able to run 10K pretty much make you a faster 5k runner?
  9. virtuocity

    Has the Lockdowns made you fatter or fitter?

    Lockdown and working from home (long hours) put me at my heaviest and least fit. Needed to do something about it so attempted Couch to 5k. Now on week 8 and obsessed by running to the point I don’t currently care if I play golf again. Now starting to address my diet more seriously and the lbs...
  10. virtuocity

    North Wales suggestions???

    Just on your 2nd? Long lie in?
  11. virtuocity

    Who is this???

    Proper gent is Rog
  12. virtuocity

    Away open comps

    @toyboy54 for future reference, Billy goes quiet for 30 mins when you don’t give him a putt from 3 feet and he misses.
  13. virtuocity

    4BBB with 3 players!

    You’re the worst short man
  14. virtuocity

    4BBB with 3 players!

    Thanks folks. The low player is in the opposition. Wish me luck haha
  15. virtuocity

    4BBB with 3 players!

    My doubles partner is injured. Can I play my tie on my own? What is the handicap calculation? Cheers.
  16. virtuocity

    Draw Bias Drivers

    Aim left and enjoy your golf?
  17. virtuocity

    Draw Bias Drivers

    It should be called a Pull bias driver.
  18. virtuocity

    New Irons / High launch easier to hit Irons suggestions.

    With respect, your irons are as forgiving as they come and while others may arguably launch a little higher, this won’t have nearly as much impact as changing the launch conditions (loft at impact, angle of attack, club head speed etc) will. You might save yourself a few quid by getting a good...
  19. virtuocity

    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Had a bad round last week. Didn’t knock off any of my best 8 scores. Went up 0.1 Had a bad round this week (consistent). Didn’t knock off any of my best 8 scores. No change to handicap. Any ideas? I miss the ‘threat’ of the 0.1 increase. If I’ve had a poor front nine, I can then adjust...
  20. virtuocity

    Matchplay tips