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  1. Oddsocks


    I was gutted when I opened the thread in out of bounds, it wasn’t the gummies I was hoping for 😔
  2. Oddsocks

    So, what gives you the most satisfaction?

    A pure flashed shank, there’s nothing like it.
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    Wrong Yardages on Garmin

    May sound sarcastic but I am aware of a user who had set their distances to metres instead of yards.
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    LIV Golf - Yay or Nay? POLL

    I’d stay awake for that!
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    LIV Golf - Yay or Nay? POLL

    But LIV are not trying to be the masters of open and they’re not aiming for 10 hours stream coverage. Last week I did not start watching until the last three groups teed off. I’m not arguing if it’s wrong or right fit golf, it’s suits my attention span when watching TV golf.
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    LIV Golf - Yay or Nay? POLL

    This tickled me 😂😂😂 I’m someone a poor attention span with TV and like @RichA I can find golf a great way of drifting off to sleep while located on the sofa, the only golf I generally stay awake for is the masters. The recent US open was the only other TV golf I’ve been engaged in. I love...
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    Golf shoes with arch support.

    Sounds an old man problem.
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    Grumpy old sod 👴🏻
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    Hit as many as you can and take your pick from there. I hate the mini wood style hybrids so use the more slimmer cross over style, but each to their own.
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    Spare Driver Shaft - stiff

    Buy a cheap driver off eBay for that 😉
  12. Oddsocks

    Spare Driver Shaft - stiff

    All details sent bud.
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    Spare Driver Shaft - stiff

    I can give you the number of a guy who will have pretty much every shaft available both new uncut with or without adaptors
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    Booking system v no booking system

    Trying to talk sense to people at my club but head and walk spring to mind. We release tee times in my opinion too early (3wks) and people forget to cancel until mid night the day before. I’ve visited the club several times (including good Friday) where the day was glorious, the booking was...
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    Blaming everything but yourself during bad rounds

    At the weekend it was simple “ I played crap because the liv didn’t offer me £120k to come last so my mind was elsewhere, I should have concentrated more “
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    Have I seen the last of my s***k?

    Pros had me working on this for years (still can’t master it). In short from personal experience I’ve found steeper does deliver a better strike with no Sherman’s
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    Golfer's Car?

    Drove a XC40 T5 recharge today, what a fun car! It’s big enough for a stand bag, would need to drop the 40% split seat if you was putting an electric trolley in and I was very surprised that on a 35m test drive it still had 8m of electric left despite it only apparently doing 25-27 on a charge...
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    Post-match etiquette?

    Would you invite people round for dinner and then ask them to cook? Same principle applies here. Golf has a bad habit of complicating uncomplicated situations.
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    Golf ball Compression ratings.

    I’m sure titleist did a chart which pretty much showed all balls within 5-8 yards of each other so it’s more about what suits your game
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    Worth shooting……