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    Wanted- 34/35” putter

    After having used a sports direct special £10 putter last summer I’m interested in getting something slightly more upmarket. Looking at spending around £50 on a flat stick but would spend a little more on something that suits my eye I prefer thicker grips and would rather something in a...
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    The value of lessons

    Has anyone ever left a lesson feeling dejected and in worse shape than they went in with? I’ve had a lesson in which I felt like I was being asked to juggle 15 chainsaws while standing on a tightrope and told it’s not hard to do it I was about 3/4 lessons in and struggling to put everything...
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    Sussex practice areas

    I’ve been trying harder over winter to get down the range and get some good practice in but I’m feeling like I want to find a good place I can go to practice more of the things I can’t do at my local range So really I’m trying to find somewhere that will allow me to go buy a bucket of balls...
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    Garmin watches

    Does anyone have a garmin watch that they use for golf? I’m not talking s40 or s60 here as much as I want one they don’t do as much as some of the others like the vivoactive 3 that I want them to So does anyone have one that they can recommend?
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    Hi guys I’m looking to get a rangefinder for Xmas for around £100 and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of where to find a decent one for the money Any input appreciated
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    Cricket and golf

    Question for anyone who plays cricket and golf When you’re in the middle of the summer and playing regular cricket and golf do you feel like one hampers then other? I started playing golf once a week this summer and I noticed once the cricket season started my hands started doing different...