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    Can only comment from a spectator point of view when we went to the British Masters but what an amazing looking course. We sat at the 16th and 17th. Absolutely amazing. The course would be far too difficult for me but would a go.
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    You are too slow!

    If you start to hold the course up mention how you need to speed up. If you should get to the 10th by a certain time mention you're 25 minutes later than it should take. Leave him to look for his lost balls. Mention no honour on the tee etc. Failing that just tell him.
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    Would you miss Mickelson?

    Got to be honest, I hope Tiger finishes soon as the where has Tiger been spotted this week, what shoe is he road testing, private plane located getting very boring/annoying now.
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    Would you miss Mickelson?

    Never really warmed to him but regardless of that, no I won't miss him. If Tiger never played again I wouldn't miss him either. Time moves on, players reach their peak and a new set of players replace them. The circle of professional sports people.
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    Probably is.
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    Not played golf but been a couple of times with my wife. Hotel is nice, hotel prices (as you'd expect), food was ok. As Backwoodsman says it's a drive to anywhere close if you fancied beers away from the course.
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    Is this the end of WFH?

    Plus traveling time. I was in yesterday, mainly for us as a team to be together plus we have our weekly meeting. Our meetings over teams have been taking 30 minutes max, yesterday closer to 70 minutes. I understand what people who don't/can't WFH say but do think this change of working/hybrid...
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    Holidays in the UK 2022

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    Intermittent fasting

    Another question. I've always gone straight to the spin room and gone hell for leather for 45/60 minutes and tried to beat my last mileage/hill climb etc. Yesterday I went up to the gym room and went on the bike up there and did a 45 minute program and tried to cycle within the 65% heart rate...
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    Top courses in worst condition

    Playing next month so will report back. Played it a few years ago and it was fantastic. Hoping it's ok!!
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    First 18 holes since September (I think). Played West Bradford with mates. Great course in very good condition. Played some of my best golf in years. Hit my driver on about 2 or 3 holes, decided it wasn't going great so left it in my bag and hit hybrid instead. Stayed in play almost every...
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    How much for a birthday meal!

    I'd say that's pretty reasonable for a Michelin star meal. If you compare it to home, a 3 course meal with wine at say Miller and Carter would be about the same. Main meals in bang average chain restaurants are now between £14-20 plus drinks are averaging £12-16 depending what your drinking...
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    Is this the end of WFH?

    Think you've highlighted the problem with low pay, no incentive and no progression. Don't think the issue in a lot of cases in the thread is WFH it's staff management. If you let staff take the p then they'll take the p, WFH or in the office. WFH has probably highlighted issues with poor...
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    Is this the end of WFH?

    I actually think this is easier as it's more noticeable now when WFH or supposedly WFH. Productivity has definitely increased at our place as you don't have the distractions you had whilst in the office. This was noticeable when I went in the office earlier this week. Half the day was a quick...
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    Bradford moor 27th april

    Excellent. A lot of the lads I play with in a society are members there so we play every September.
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    Bradford moor 27th april

    Did you end up playing?
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    Bradford moor 27th april

    Sorry, our return to the office has started and my days start from tomorrow!!
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Anyway :rolleyes:
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    Wooler GC

    Just back. Didn't end up playing in the end. Tested positive so I went up 3 days into the holiday and we were too busy really to even squeeze a round in. Gorgeous weather too! The whiskey centre isn't open yet. It's going to be huge!
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    Bradford moor 27th april

    I'm not a member anywhere. Are you traveling up or staying nearby?