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  1. bigslice

    Shotscope v3

    Just tried it and works thanks 👍
  2. bigslice

    Shotscope v3

    Looks like it but as someone who doesnt wear a watch golfing i like the idea of the h4
  3. bigslice

    Shotscope v3

    I may send a wee message, if u dont ask u dont get😎
  4. bigslice

    Shotscope v3

    is there any discount codes \ refferal scheme going for shotscope? Ive got an itch and the h4 has caught my eye
  5. bigslice

    Washing machine recommendations

    Lol a pleasant surprise when my did it fhe first time
  6. bigslice

    A to Z E.D.M.

    Lol i was there that nite also and remember that. im from saltcoats and was a metro regualr, they brought in KWS with please dont go, cracking tune but when they came on and sang it for the second time and there third song, bottles were thrown and told please go!!!
  7. bigslice

    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    Ad333 are £30 for 24 somewhere , clubhouse so still 15 for 12
  8. bigslice

    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    I bought a dozen of these, its just a round stone goes long with every club
  9. bigslice

    Trump talks golf

    What a piss poor article, Trump is right it will return to Turnberry.but the only i can think of is who wud win in a medal round between Trump n Kim jon witever he is called. And who marks there cards!!!! many many time club champion of turnberryor the many many hole in ones in a round boy? As...
  10. bigslice


    Im not so sure cos one knob cudnt work the no knob😜
  11. bigslice


    Not sure what to say to this but wanted to reply. I have the “ handsfree “ but its not handsfree its called automatic and it works just fine
  12. bigslice

    Cryptocurrency thread - started by JustOne

    Im into crypto in a big way, currently letting 50 big ones ride this storm, at one point was at 74 now down to 52, wait just refreshed 48 now😱
  13. bigslice

    How much is reasonable for a round

    are you sure? Cos i knew a few members at Turnberry that fought in Burma against the Japanese and they were more than happy with how the Japanese invested in the course. just because u dont like trump has nothing to do with the course the people who work there and the people u meet. If second...
  14. bigslice

    How much is reasonable for a round

    What was ure opinion when the japanese owned Turnberry? Im pretty confident that many folk dont care who owns a course. Its the more about the money spent on the course and people they see day to day.
  15. bigslice

    How much is reasonable for a round

  16. bigslice

    OK Plumbing experts, this one is for you!

    Three years use , probably needs a part or replaced
  17. bigslice

    Webuyanycar - surprising price?!?

    From my experiance, the price offered online is nowhere near what they offfer you after they have visually inspected your motor.
  18. bigslice

    Tiger was doing 87mph in a 45 mph zone

    And he never touched his brakes!!
  19. bigslice

    Japanese shaft Ping Eye2s

    oooo cud be time for me to sell a set of mizuno ones soon👍
  20. bigslice

    Scottsdale Golf

    Get them sent back