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    Wilson staff launchpad driver

    Cheers guys. Like the look of the pings too now lol! Was in AG having a look but just felt like I was being pushed into a sale instead of really listening to me so I've got a early tee time tomorrow I'll go into the pro shop and have a chat with the pro. Which I should probably have done in the...
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    Wilson staff launchpad driver

    Does anyone play with the Wilson launchpad driver/Woods? In the market for a new driver as I'm upgrading my slazenger set I got to get me into golf and this seems to be marketed at a high handicapper who slices = me! Really just looking to see if anyone has tried it did it work for you or...
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    North Glasgow Playing Partner

    I'm just getting back into it as well mate I'm in Glasgow West if you fancy a game? I'm much par with you tbh I'm not breaking 100 yet either haha
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    Glasgow clubs?

    Hi all back in the forum after a good few years away from golf. Wishing I hadn't sold the clubs now! Anyway I'm getting back into golf and looking for any of you guys/gals that play in Glasgow for recommendations on a club to join? Been looking at Hilton Park as it has 2 18 hole courses so I'm...
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    Haggs Castle

    So you probably remember my last post about joining a new club in Glasgow, I'm planning a work golfing day and looks like Haggs Castle will probably be where we play. Had a look online and I can get a membership sub £500 because of my age so if I enjoy the round I'll probably look at...
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    Glasgow Council Courses

    Hi guys, So today I played at Linn Park golf course, I've heard bad things about it but me and my PP both enjoyed the course. Lots of trees been cut back supposidly and a couple of holes lengthened since a couple of years ago. Much easier than my home course Dougalston anyway :thup: We enjoyed...
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    Hilton Park Golf Club Glasgow

    Hey guys, Ive not been on this in a while. I done in my acl playing 5's so no golf for me over the winter!! However I have 2 months left on my membership at Dougalston golf club at Milngavie and Im thinking about leaving. Has anyone ever played Hilton Park? I hear they have 2 courses and...
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    A Bit annoyed!

    So as you guys know I joined my first club a couple of months ago. I played today and was told that they are now playing from winter mats not tees, and that I have now got to carry a mat around the course with me for tees that dont have mats. I've also to pay a £5 deposit for the mat! Now...
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    spikes or no spikes?

    So im buying a new pair of shoes in the next few days and can't decide between spiked of spikeless, any of you guys got a preference ?
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    new clubs

    Okay guys, seeing as I'm joining my first club I thought I would be as well to finally take the plunge and get a proper set of clubs. I've narrowed it down to either the callaway strata set - or a set of Wilson CGI 1200's...
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    new member

    Ok guys first post so Hi all! Now onto my question, I have just joined my first golf club, dougalston golf club In Glasgow. I'm heading down on Friday go get my members pack etc. but apart from playing my local 9 hole course once or twice a week for about a year I have never played any other...