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    Vlog inspired by Homerjsimpson

    As it says on the tin No golfers were harmed in the making of this video.
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    Game Golf Original

    Selling my original Game Golf. Just not using it anymore so someone may as well get some use out of it. Is fully working. Some of the tags have started to wear off i have put them back in the correct spots in the packaging though so once on the club it doesn't effect performance. It is...
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    Loft and Lie

    I've been meaning to get my loft and lies checked for a while now as feel more comfortable in my swing and it was 18 months since I was fitted. Was at the range on a whim yesterday so got them to have a look for me. They were all over the place so much so my 7 - 4 irons had a total gap of 4*...
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    Fitting at Silvermere

    So i went with Ads749r to Silvermere as he is after new irons and Somehow managed to book myself in for a custom driver fitting as i've been struggling with mine in the wind for a while. Arrived for the fitting with no real idea of what i was after and after warming up let the fitter do the...
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    California trip

    Ok so just booked a trip to California in October. Flying in to LA and road tripping up to San Francisco so looking for tips for courses and or anything else you can think of anywhere in between. Going to look at Pacific Grove as that's the first course my old man ever played at. I know there...
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    Hole in one!

    So today i entered a roll up so i could get a second card signed for my handicap and got an ace on the 11th. Never thought it would happen let alone a few weeks into my first real membership. Probably not interesting for others but i ran out of people to tell :o
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    Some pointers to see me through the winter..

    Hello all. So after a fairly successful summer getting out and playing the guy i was using for lessons has decided to move on to other things. So until i decide who to get lessons from can anyone give me some pointers on my swing. I have a slight...
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    Saturday 6th

    Anybody fancy a game tomorrow? I'm in wokingham but willing to drive within reason. Got new sticks and itching to use them.
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    New and after your opinions

    Hello All, New guy from Wokingham in Berkshire looking to get back playing after several years absence. So if anybodys local and fancies a game or two please shout. Anyway my next dilemma (and reason for joining here although i plan on sticking around) is that i have a set of clubs which...