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    Embedding a file for display in an email

    Hi, I have been trying to embed a pdf file into an email so that the recipients will not have to open an attachéd file but I’m having issues with this. After a bit of googling, I found a mention of pdf files that are more than 1 page long will not embed, will only attach so, I spilt the file...
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    Anyone switch from interlock to baseball grip ?

    Hi, due to a steady increase in Arthritic pain in my fingers I am considering switching from my usual interlock grip to a baseball grip and I was wondering if any of you have made this switch yourself and whether it was successful or not ie didn’t have a detrimental affect on your golf ...
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    Trying to understand Driver shafts

    Hi, I have done some google searches and not really found what I think I am looking for so wondering if any of you have came across any good articles or YouTube videos that go into in-depth information about driver shafts and how they are designed and fitted as I am probably going to be...
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    Putting strokes gained/lost app ?

    Hi, are there any putting apps that you use to record your putting distance and strokes to work out strokes gained/lost etc... The reason I ask is that I have had some rounds were I have had 21 and 22 putts which on the surface sounds great but in reality it was due to me chipping in or...