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    K-Motion - K Coach (wrist angles)
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    Masters - Final Round Youtube Channel

    you folks may know this already ... The Masters have now put up all final rounds since 1968
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    What part of the swing plane is the most important ?

    swing plane long been a topic in golf - mostly it's misunderstood not just throughout the golf industry but often in golf articles in magazines & also with great regularity in the youtube pro's videos with one even saying plane is not even important often too see it 'misunderstood' throughout...
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    Pivot/Shoulder motion could be more important to the achievable standard of play

    "Pure shots feel way different than mis-hits, obviously, but what exactly is the cause of all those bladed shots and weak grounders? It's probably your shoulders...... "
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    shooting your age .........

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    Trackman Golf Range

    the changing face of the driving range ... - to a part made possible by trackman's use of microsoft - azure
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    Sunday golf quiz question

    most folks have heard the term 'rolling release' or 'roll over release' when hands & fore-arms roll over creating a bunch of club face rotation (bordering upto 180º of face rotation) to square the club into impact this was pretty prevalent in teaching for a whole bunch of time as the main...
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    Tiger Woods

    For any folks who might be interested his new book "The 1997 Masters - My Story" is out around the 20th March.
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    USGA & R&A Joint report paper on driving distances in Professional Golf

    long 18 page study (pdf) with one page introduction for anyone interested
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    A 'turning point' being reached in Golf Instruction ........

    posted this piece in brakets/quotes in a thread a while back {"3d systems no doubt are now the next big 'breakthrough tech' in moving forwards to be able to quantify better what's happening in golf swing motions after launch monitor data so now coaches have available the ability to combine...
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    Golfsmith file for chapter 11 protection .....

    with golf courses closing at an alarming rate ....... and with Tiger probably realistically unlikely to play a major role anymore in terms of results, is he really goin to put himself on the tee box goin forwards for the next couple years? TaylorMade's future still not known .... up for sale...
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    taylomade ........ ??

    any folks interested may want to see how TM are currently promoting the situation status - this vid appeared with an article on mygolfspy - if TM repeat usual procedure this vid won't be up for long, recently they've put stuff up then pulled it pretty quick - no real reveals in it save them...
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    hole more putts .... for the price of a top end driver .... ?
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    interested in study into golf improvement .....?

    if folks are interested in learning more... then may want to listen to the podcast found here in this first link below however the first 5 minutes of the podcast are concerning general housekeeping announcements from '18strong' the podcast originators so folks may want to skip that small part...
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    58 - 12 under par .....
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    Trouble overswings-trail arm collapse-loss of angles to impact-chicken wing...

    how search for power through a long swing can mislead 'feel to real' to produce poor sequence & a loss of 'angles' in the downswing so poor impact conditions & strike ability -& why good stuff always starts with a 'sound' hold on the handle and good set-up conditions - & how making the...
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    for folks looking to add to their golfing library - a must addition

    Harvey Penick: The Life and Wisdom of the Man Who Wrote the Book On Golf - Kevin Robbins
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    pitching motion over steep - hjs

    "some tips for shallowing my pitching. Getting very steep (deepish divots) and need to flatten out, brush the turf more. Tried linear and traditional method and steep in both. Put a large towel under my arms and I stay nicely connected but take it away and I tend to get very steep again (hjs)"...
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    'full court' fast on the stimp - slam dunk!
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    WLDC 2015 Tim Burke