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  1. muttleee

    New golf related Wikipedia article

    I mentioned a while back that I was thinking of putting up a new Wikipedia page about golfers who have been the victims of 'trial by television' in pro golf tournaments. I still have more to add but I've finally got something online, so here's what I've done so far. If anyone else wants to...
  2. muttleee

    Examples of 'trial by television' in golf

    I'm putting together a wikipedia page on 'trial by television' incidents in golf tournaments. So far I have incidents for Stadler, Zinger, Villegas, Harrington, Woods, GMac, Sergio, Dyson, Stricker, Scott, Whiteford and Rahm for the men and Inkster, Sun-young, Lewis and Thompson for the ladies...
  3. muttleee

    Disastrous trick shot

    I know golfers like it when they're 'on fire' but I don't think this is what they have in mind. :ooo:
  4. muttleee

    One of the worst shots I've ever seen a pro hit :-/

    It's not often you see a pro hit a shot like a 24 handicapper. In fact even a 24 handicapper would be embarrassed by this one. :ooo:
  5. muttleee

    Rule-breaking in society golf

    Reading louise_a's discussion about a rules night for newbies got me thinking. I've noticed particularly in society golf outings that the level of rule-breaking is crazy and I'm sure prizes are being won by players who've conveniently "forgotten" to add on the penalty strokes they incurred. The...
  6. muttleee

    How to get a job caddying for the worlds no. 15 player: persistence

    A persistent tweeter has landed himself a job caddying for Sergio Garcia in the British Masters pro am after tweeting at him for over 6 months. Nice work if you can get it. :)
  7. muttleee

    Ryder Cup launches hastily redesigned logo

    It could happen, right? ;)
  8. muttleee

    How to stop slow play

    The R&A have come up with their recommendations for reducing the time taken to play a round. Mostly common sense, of course but the biggie for me is encouraging 'ready golf'. It's so infuriating to see players stand daydreaming while their partners play, only to realise when it's their turn that...
  9. muttleee

    Masters viewing figures 2016: BBC vs Sky

    Comparison between numbers of Sky and BBC viewers for the final Masters round.
  10. muttleee

    Don't think I'd have the nerve for this. :-/

    Would you let someone hit a flop shot over your head from a couple of feet away? Don't fancy it, myself!
  11. muttleee

    Making a viral golf video

    This video claims to teach you the 5 things you need to know to make a viral golf video. However it fails to mention the main reason this one is viral (sort of). ;)
  12. muttleee

    Incredibly stupid golfer.

    I've seen some stupid things on a golf course but this guy takes the biscuit!
  13. muttleee

    The perils of the Happy Gilmore shot

    I'm sure this guy thought he was safe enough standing there.
  14. muttleee

    Rory reaches out of court settlement with Horizon

    Hopefully he can now concentrate on rewriting the record books.
  15. muttleee

    Sometimes live TV works out perfectly

    Great video of a woman with Motor Neurone Disease draining a 78 foot putt on live TV. :-)
  16. muttleee

    What's going on with Robert Allenby?

    Several witnesses have come forward to dispute Allenby's claims that he was drugged and kidnapped, and the Honolulu police say they're not pursuing any investigations into the alleged kidnapping or assault. I know you can't always believe what you read in the press but it sounds like there's a...
  17. muttleee

    Is cycling the new golf?

    Interesting article on the BBC site today about why cycling is booming as the number of golfers continues to decline. The reasons given are fairly obvious - golf is hard, takes a long time and is perceived as unwelcoming to many. The $64,000 question...
  18. muttleee

    You have to admire this guy's dedication

    Don't think I would risk it somehow. :)
  19. muttleee

    Is this parody or character assassination?

    Respected golf writer Dan Jenkins wrote the following article about Tiger Woods for Golf Digest: Tiger was so angry about it that he wrote a reply piece denouncing it...
  20. muttleee

    How to hole a 3-foot birdie putt on the 9th at Elie

    Saw this clip on YouTube. Nice birdie. :D