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    Embrace the bad 2.0

    So...a month or two ago I started a thread musing on the benefits of moving the ball through the air on purpose as my attempts at hitting "good"(ie. straight!!) drives was after many years and lessons, doing nothing.. except a regular refrain to my partner's on the tee "I'll hit another one will...
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    Golf down south

    Hi All Heading to family get together for a week in April..the exotic destination is Dorchester,Dorset.I live in the east of Scotland playing almost exclusively links and am expecting a different experience! Any recommendations from locals or fans of the area welcome.My playing partners don’t...
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    Embrace the bad?

    So....I'd say I'm a pretty strong and straight iron player and decent putter.Like many of us I am also a terrifying driver of the ball.Over the years of lessons and diligent practice no one person alive knows where the next drive will go and as a result my hcap has hovered around 11 for quite a...
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    Oldest gear

    So.. just looking at my set up and what will be going in the new pencil bag for winter use.Taking a swing of my irons which are Wilson staff fluid feel blades circa 87/88 and wondered if anyone else still plays the classics and if so can anyone beat 88'?? I get plenty of looks and raised...