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  1. Evesdad

    Arranging match plays gggrrrr

    So it's that time of year again and the summer knockouts have been announced. Well actually that was 4 weeks ago, straight away I emailed and text my opponent. We now have 2 weeks after the weekend for our tie to be played. Has he replied? Has he heck, the text says it's been read on iMessage so...
  2. Evesdad


    So my putting at the moment is a little iffy. On the whole I pick the right line, more or less. The problem is length, I'm habitually short, mainly about 1-2 feet, others shockingly so. So sort from the obvious of hit it harder, how do you go about getting the ball to the whole or past it. I...
  3. Evesdad

    Sky marks

    Anyone know of places to get the crown of the driver repaired? Preferably in the midlands. Hit a massive sky drive on our 9th and with the greens just being hallow tined left about a 1cm square scuff through the paint! So gutted. Had a look on eBay for the repair kits but couldn't find any...
  4. Evesdad

    Arranging a match play game

    Nothing serious but thought I'd reach out. We are into the third round of our knockout winter match play and have drawn the club champion and his partner. Now the window to play the matches was 18th of December to the 15th of January. As it xmas we've been busy and not been in touch with the...
  5. Evesdad

    Short game, short game & short game.

    So over the end of the season most of my game has improved and feeling pretty good, even the driver over the last few rounds. So in preparation for next season I really need to sort my short game out, firstly my putting is pretty poor, after that I need to sharpen up 100 yds and in. So any...
  6. Evesdad

    Lightning strikes twice!

    So this weekend I was playing in our TP leader final, 36 holes over the two days. Points gained from the monthly medals gain qualification and was the first time I'd qualified. I was really excited and playing well as the season is drawing in. Think the nerves and excitement got to me a bit...
  7. Evesdad

    Happy and gutted

    So I've hit a bit of form recently, the happy part! I've ditched the driver as when it's good it's great but when it's not it's costing me shots. Hybrid from the tee is finding fairways and not so punishing on the bad ones. Taking this on has got me qualified for our end of season 2 day final...
  8. Evesdad

    Hello again!

    After taking a leave of absence over the last 6 months or so I thought I'd better check back in and see what I've missed? I felt a little disillusioned with my golf and although I've been playing as much it hasn't been all consuming so stepped back a bit. Still as bad as ever but can feel a...
  9. Evesdad

    Any recommendations for a new stand bag?

    Only had my Nike performnace hybrid bag 10 months and had to take it back today. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that one of the protectors around the top had a small split so was considering taking it back but thought I would just stitch it up but last night noticed one of the shoulder straps...
  10. Evesdad

    Swing video

    As I had to record one I thought I'd pop it on here for everyone to laugh at, I mean critique! I've thick skin and won't take any offence. I've not been able to clip or edit them so sorry for watching me walk back and forth from the camera! Down the line...
  11. Evesdad

    Driver shaft recommendation please

    I know they're all a personal thing and work with some heads and not others etc but just looking at some to try out. As I broke mine the other week I had a driver fitting and was recommended a light stiff or a firmer regular as I'm right in between stiff and regular. Also a low kick point as I...
  12. Evesdad

    Ecco Biom hybrid spikeless shoes.

    Having been lucky enough to have won a pair in the Ecco opportunity I'm posting up my review. So far the shoes are still one of the best shoes I've ever had. They fit perfectly and give my toes room unlike some other brands where they tend to pinch in. Think this maybe down to the Biom design...
  13. Evesdad

    Titliest test balls

    Just received a sleeve of balls to try out and report back on from Titliest. I have no idea what level of ball they are but they don't feel soft enough for prov's so maybe an NXT standard of ball. Anyone else received any?
  14. Evesdad

    Wanted child's/junior golf stand bag

    Just a quick shout out if anyone has the above they want to get rid of. Daughter has a set of ping moxie clubs but the bag is missing a shoulder strap. She's 11 now so that sort of size.
  15. Evesdad

    New message icon

    When the site updated a while ago the new message icon seemed to disappear. As in when you had a new message it went blue I think from memory and was easily spotted. This has gone now, is there any way if could come back? Not noticed a few for whole as it doesn't stand out.
  16. Evesdad

    Pairs greensomes question

    Got one of these comps at weekend and just want to clarify something. Player A takes shot and it lands in pond/out of bounds etc. Who takes the next shot? Is the drop player B's shot and so player A takes it again? Or does the responsibility then pass to player B?? Hope this makes sense.
  17. Evesdad

    New bag suggestions please

    Sorry for another bag question folks! My old carry bag is on its last legs and needs replacing. I'll be using the trolley through the summer months so have been looking for a new cart bag first of all and a new carry bag when the winter comes. My first choice so far cart bag wise is the Ping...
  18. Evesdad

    Please recommend a insula type top

    On the look out for an outer layer top a long the GG insula lines. Looking for something to wear over the top of the base layer and shirt on the chilly days without having to go for the waterproof jacket. Preferably a 1/2 zip rather than full zip. Had a look at a mizuno warmalite but that's...
  19. Evesdad

    Had my fitting at Ping

    Well as the title I had my 90 minute session at Ping yesterday. An amazing experience and has left me with a hefty outlay to look forward to! Went through the bag irons, hybrids, fairways and driver. My last fitting was 7 years ago for my irons so was really looking forward to it. At the end of...
  20. Evesdad

    The hunt begins

    Had a very unexpected financial windfall at the weekend so new clubs will be purchased very soon! Really want some g25's so can see a trip to Gainsborough on the cards! The good lady has given me a £600 budget so the fun starts now! Just had to share as I'm like a child at Xmas at the moment...