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  1. two-clubs

    Driver gains after fitting.

    I have only ever used drivers bought off the shelf with no fitting and usually after just having a go with demo clubs. Would I see much in the way of gain by getting properly fitted? what gains did you see?
  2. two-clubs

    Society handicaps, suggestions for a fair system.

    I am a member of a very informal society and am currently considering taking over the reigns from the current organiser who is moving away. As we all know the biggest area for discussion at any gathering of golfers is handicaps and our group is not much different - currently if somebody puts in...
  3. two-clubs

    Garmin S2 charging.

    My watch had run out completely so knew it was going to need a long charge yet after 12hrs it's still only showing as a half full charge! How long is it suppose to take to get a full charge? If you have one how long do you charge yours for?
  4. two-clubs

    Abbotsley Course Vandalism.

    I'm off to Abbotsley for the weekend and just wondered if anybody has any updates on the greens there? Is the course fully open yet?
  5. two-clubs

    Go to club around the greens.

    Have you got a 'go to' club around the greens? My short game from just off the green is pretty poor at the moment - the shots from say within 10yds of the green. Is it better, or should I say would I be (generally) better off always using say a PW or 9, 8, 7 iron etc for these shots? I...
  6. two-clubs

    Masters Golf iCart Duo Trolley - recommended?

    AG have the Masters icart trolley at a nicely reduced price; Any users here? can you recommend it?? I have been tempted to get a Stewart Z3 but this is £100 cheaper.
  7. two-clubs

    Turkish Airlines Open

    Anybody watch the final round yesterday? I thought it was fantastic how Dubuisson won and toward the end I was really rooting for him. Great display from Tiger despite being worse off the tee than most of us here :lol: if he ever sorts that out he'll dominate once again imo.
  8. two-clubs

    5 wood recommendations please.

    I want to get a 5 wood but as I need to get a new trolley and bag I want to go the cheaper option of a used club possibly from ebay etc. This will most likely mean a club from an older range which I have no problem with but my problem is I'm just getting back into the game after a 10 year lay...
  9. two-clubs

    Hybrid V's Iron

    Given a hybrid or an iron of the same loft what sort of distance difference could you reasonably expect?
  10. two-clubs

    Woods gets 2 shot penalty - did it move?

    Tiger Woods has had a two shot penalty added to his score after the 2nd round of the BMW Championship after claims his ball moved after removing loose impediments. Did it move? maybe slightly, very slightly at that - bet he's royally cheesed off now...
  11. two-clubs

    Old equipment versus new.

    I have recently started playing again after a lay off of quite a few years so my irons and woods are 10+ years old. Would I be likely to see much difference if I upgraded to current clubs? My current clubs are listed below which I get on ok with but I keep wondering if I'm losing out by not...
  12. two-clubs

    Driver position - on the ground or off?

    I've been watching quite a bit of golf lately on the TV and see that some players rest the driver head on the ground prior to making their swing and others 'hover' it a little off the ground. Probably it's a simple case of what suits you best (as usual) but what are the merits of either way?
  13. two-clubs

    Cost of lessons

    Went to a local range yesterday (Long Lane in Croydon) with my son who has decided he would like to play golf, probably as a result of my starting again - happy days :) After we had finished on the range I asked about the cost of lessons and was handed a leaflet, prices didn't seem too bad but...
  14. two-clubs

    Ball strike patterns

    Ball strike patterns, not actually sure if that's the correct way to describe my question but think you'll see what I mean ;) I have just started to play again after a lay off of about 7-8 years, I wasn't a great player back then but could get it round quite nicely and would probably have been...
  15. two-clubs

    Is a glove essential?

    Hi all, first post here :D Just starting to play again after a 7-8 year lay off and I've played a couple of rounds thus far with no glove as I couldn't find it :D I played ok actually so wondered if a glove was actually essential and if it contributed anything to your game.