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    Tracking ball after a shot?

    As someone new to golf I’m finding it incredibly difficult to track my ball after a shot, it’s hard enough to make sure everything else is going well but I’m nearly always reliant on my playing partner for where my ball has traveled, it’s got to a point where it’s even impacting my swing as I...
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    Becoming a member / where to choose?

    Hey, So I took up golf a few months back, so far I’m loving everything about it (I can’t lie, I’m addicted). I’ve still got a lot to learn and I definitely need to improve somewhat so I’m playing better more consist golf but I’ve reached a point now where I would say I have reasonable...
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    Second Hand Frustrations

    Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to be the only golfer not playing stiff flex in my clubs, looking at all of the different second hand offerings I get my hopes up when I notice something nice that would be ideal for my bag only to find that it’s in stiff or extra stiff... and don’t get me started...
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    Budget Beginner Drivers

    Hey, I’m looking to buy a driver that will be good for a beginner, I googled “beginner driver” and these three came up;- Callaway Mavrik Max Driver TaylorMade Sim Max Driver Cobra F-Max Driver 2019 I’ve had a look on the usual websites for these but when I saw I price I lolled... I’ve only...
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    Driving Range / Practice Glove?

    Gloves, as most of you will know are expensive and really don’t last long, I had originally been wearing premium full leather gloves during range/practice sessions but have soon found that this is going to start to cost me a small fortune.... is anyone able to recommend a good glove that’s nice...
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    Golf Clothing / Dress-code

    What’s the expected etiquette when it comes to golf clothing / dress-code? Do I have to wear the expected (polo shirt and golf trousers) or is that a thing of the past and it’s a much more relaxed affair? Additionally, with the current situation going to a store to try on stuff isn’t really an...
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    Best GPS App (iPhone & Apple Watch)?

    I guess the title pretty much covers it, which do you guys find to be the best golf gps app currently available on iPhone & Apple Watch?
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    £300 Package Set Budget - Advice Please

    Myself n a few of the lads are looking to take up golf as a means to get out more now that lock-down has eased and we can go back out (football seasons finished and I can’t hack another 8+ weeks in the house 24/7 with the wife and kids). i’ve not got a lot to spend on clubs but would be looking...