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  1. Liverpoolphil

    How many Divisions do you have

    Nice and simple how many divisions are your medals/Stablefords and also do you have a “best gross” prize I know a few lads 5 HC below are getting a bit disillusioned going round in 39/38 points and some going under gross and not even getting into the top 10 of the division Our winning scores...
  2. Liverpoolphil

    Is Tyson Fury a Forum Member 400 yard drives 🤔
  3. Liverpoolphil

    The Masters 2022

    Tee Times are out for the first two rounds Some tasty groups to watch and I see they put Sandy Lyle in a two ball 😂 MASTERS TEE TIMES - ROUND 1 8am EDT/1pm BST: Jose Maria Olazabal, JJ Spaun 8.11am EDT/1.11 BST: Mike Weir, Padraig Harrington, Austin Greaser (a) 8.22am EDT/1.22pm BST: Larry...
  4. Liverpoolphil

    Increase in Green Fees for the Top 100 Courses

    So big increases there But always worth noting that many of the courses can be played using winter rates or Opens etc
  5. Liverpoolphil

    Wheels or Doors

    It appears the latest question which will be hard to get a definitive answer is What are there more of in the world Doors or Wheels 😂
  6. Liverpoolphil

    Tennis Player Goes Mental 😲😲😲 Long ban coming up
  7. Liverpoolphil

    Transgender Swimmer - should she be allowed to compete A transgender Female is currently breaking all the records in swimming It’s a debate that’s been bubbling for a while without it hitting main stream...
  8. Liverpoolphil

    Spot the Leopard

    Nice and simple Find the leopard
  9. Liverpoolphil

    Opens 2022

    Booked in for my first opens of the year The Easter Challenge at Saunton on Easter Monday and the Easter Medal at RND the day before Lincolnshire Swing booked in as well Some great opens this year it looks like Recommend looking at the NCG Tour - some great value ones
  10. Liverpoolphil

    Happy New Year All

    Happy New Year to you all Regardless of what’s gone or what will be I hope 2022 will bring you all you want and it’s a better year for us all both in our golfing life and personal life
  11. Liverpoolphil

    SPOTY 2021 Nominees Tom Daley Emma Raducanu Sarah Storey Adam Peaty Tyson Fury Raheem Sterling 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not sure what Sterling has done but there you go 😂
  12. Liverpoolphil

    Has WHS contributed to Slow Play

    Quick straw poll after a discussion that was had yesterday We have seen our “social” rounds increase a little in terms of time taken One of the discussion points was people more regularly putting in social cards which meant less “gimmies” etc and people treating the round a bit more...
  13. Liverpoolphil

    Explosion in Liverpool 😢 Also it seems that it could have been worse as the bomber was looking to get into the hospital but was stopped
  14. Liverpoolphil

    The First Year of WHS - Positives and Negatives

    So yesterday was our last comp round ( yes I know you can still put cards in but the course work will start etc etc ) so thought would see what people’s thinking etc about the first year So I started the year at 2.6 and have finished at 1.2 Using the old system I worked out that I would have...
  15. Liverpoolphil

    MP Stabbed at Constituency Horrific
  16. Liverpoolphil

    Brooks vs BDC

    Well what a surprise - build up a fake rivalry , then bring in the money with a match
  17. Liverpoolphil

    The Phantom of the Open

    Has anyone read the book ? Film looks very good
  18. Liverpoolphil

    Mini South Wales Tour - Tenby , Pennard & Ashburnham

    This week myself and a few forumers ex forumers and mates booked into play at Pennard for their 4BBB Open As it was on the Tuesday we decided to add a course on the Monday and Wednesday So Monday we went to Tenby It is an old school links - a bit rough and ready in places but some very...
  19. Liverpoolphil

    EG App Issues

    Quick question Used the App today to put a score in Sent to a friend to verify He has the notification but when he clicks on the notification it goes to another card that he previously approved ?! My card isn’t coming up at all No idea what to do 🤷‍♂️
  20. Liverpoolphil

    Solheim Cup 2021

    European Team announced Not sure when the US team is but it could be a close event