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  1. HTL

    Phil Mickelson - psoriatic arthritis I had no idea he was ill. The blokes had some proper bad luck of late.
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    New Panties

    > To spice up her dead sex-life. She puts them on, together with a short skirt and sits on the sofa opposite her husband. At strategic moments she uncrosses her legs ... enough times that her husband finally asks, > "Are you wearing crotchless panties?" >"Y-e-s," she answers with a seductive...
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    Adidas Aidipure size 10 UK

    By far the best Golf shoe I have ever owned but no longer needed. Looking for about £50, I paid £120 a few weeks ago.
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    Bushnell Tour V2 (Laser Rangefinder)

    Only had this a few months but no longer needed, looking for £175 with a spare battery thrown in. All in perfect condition.
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    Go Kart For Sale

    As you can work out by now I am selling my GoKart, looking for about £130 for it and it needs to be collected. I’m living near Windsor but can travel to meet you (within reason) I have snapped the bit that holds it together when folded but this costs hardly anything to replace and dead...
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    WGC Bridgestone

    1) Money on Sergio, Els + Fowler. (Why I always back Sergio I do not know, I have lost at leat £100 over the last 2 years) 2) Tony Jacklin should not have a beard and please cheer up 3) Can’t wait for it to all start, HID off to the stables with mates and im actually looking forward to...
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    K.J Choi + Pendulum Putting. Wrong just plain Wrong

    Just got SKY installed (wohoo me) and watching the John Deere and they have picked up on KJ`s new putting style. Gotta say it looks awful, anyone else seen it? Below is a link to a simillar style to what he is using.
  8. HTL

    15th July 2010 - Neath

    I’m back in Welsh land between the 14th - 17th. Playing with R18NGC round Neath Golf Club, I played Neath with him early in the year and gotta say it’s a great course and a bargain price. Does anyone fancy joining us?
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    Live coverage of Tiger Woods' news conference Live coverage of Tiger Woods' news conference as the 14-times major winner continues his preparations for the Open at St Andrews next week.
  10. HTL

    Macmillan Longest Day 01/07/10 at Ascot Time to get out your wallets folks and donate some money (Please). Were teeing off at 4:30am and aiming to be done by 9:30pm ish. :( ;)
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    US Open

    I have a spare few quid in my online account, who shall I put it on? Would love Phill, M to win it but cant see it happening.
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    Aldila Voodoo Stiff Driver Shaft

    Anyone got one? Can’t seem to find them anywhere online for a reasonable price unless I buy a new driver and take the shaft out of that.
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    Friday night reviews and ramblings

    Sailor Jerry Rum, Full fat Coke + Lime is fantastic stuff and should be drunk by all! Bridgestone B300 are great balls, feel solid at impact and click off my Scotty, perfect! But they cut up really badly, had several big marks ion it after only 6 holes today. Bridgestone B300s, cut up real...
  14. HTL

    Caution before reading to the OAP PING users. Here it is, rumoured to be taking over the Rapture range of clubs. Before you all call me a forum tart, I got this link emailed to me from a mate and im just passing it on to your guys.
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    New Titleist Driver Release Looks OK, but im not a great fan of the looks. Titleist are defo sticking with the "better player" brand image with only making up to a 10.5 degree loft.
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    Friday 21st May

    Who fancies joining Myself, HomerJ + JustOneUK around Royal Ascot on Friday. I think we are teeing off about 9ish, however, that is flexible.
  17. HTL

    Tomorrow Morning 9ish at Ascot

    Who fancies a game with myself, Homer + Phillthefragger?
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    What are these butter knives?

    Picked up by my little bro in law for £20 at a car boot sale. Spent a drunken hour last night trying to find some info on them online with no success. Does anyone have a clue what they are (Yes I know they are golf clubs)I tried them out this morning. The 1 + 2 iron are a joke and impossible to...
  19. HTL

    Car Share to Forest Pines........

    Who else is going from the Surrey / Middlesex area and fancies sharing the journey?
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    My Swing, Help needed (Videos included)

    Hitting some balls this evening trying to work out why the hell him almost hooking the ball. All of my irons are landing left of target and my woods going WAY left unless I weaken my left hand. Im thinking it’s a right hand release? It’s obvious I’m coming over the top but it’s not as...