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    V series 5 wood wtd

    Reg shaft please guys.
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    Wtd xhot 5wood

    Reg shaft please chaps.
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    Hi chaps I need a new drive done and was wondering about resin drives,has any had one done? Good and bad points. Or any builders on here with best ideas please. Atb franko
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    Spotlight the movie

    Has anyone seen this movie yet? If not I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Best film for years I've seen.
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    Wtd 5 wood

    Xhot2 or tm stage 2 reg shaft please gents.
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    Wanted stage2 5wood

    Please in reg shaft . atb frank
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    Wanted xhot2 3 and 4 hybrid

    Please in stiff shaft.
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    As Christmas is looming it is times to buy the 2 kids there own tablets, I have an iPad but can not afford 2 more . Any advice guys as I'm shocking at this sort of thing?
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    Wanted 5 wood

    Reg shaft unless a cobra amp cell,any make considered.
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    Low handicap player

    Do you low handicap golfers mind playing with high handicap players? Or do you like to stick to your own standard of golfer . Thinking of joining a club next year, and wondered if it was pushy to ask better players for a game to improve myself.
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    Wanted garmin s1 watch

    Please chaps.
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    Hopes for new season football .

    Hammers top ten with a few big scalps for me.
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    70 years but not forgotten,we should all feel a sence of pride and be thank full for their bravery!
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    powakaddy battery bag

    hi chaps could anyone point me in the direction of an old style freeway battery bag 18hole please?
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    stapelford abbotts

    hi chaps. can anyone tell me the joining fee and course layout ie is it worth it. Romford GC if possible also. looking to join my 1st club next year so if any other courses in the Romford area worth a look at I would be most grateful tyvm frank.
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    hainult area

    hi lads any of you from this area give me a heads up on some decent courses around there? sick and tierd of hainult 6 hour rounds tyvm . Essex based.
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    first ever lesson

    well took the plunge as I am sick of hacking my way round the courses I play, starts at 11am today lets hope I can get help to get me going around in the 80s more oftern.