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  1. Meeko

    Lack of golfing activity!

    I literally haven't hit a single ball not even at the range since the start of December. Due to a few reasons mainly, working extra hours over the Christmas period. It being bloody freezing and the lack of a car to drive anywhere warmer to do so. I also do not drive, and my nearest golf course...
  2. Meeko

    Playing in the rain!

    Okay so in the bright ugly skies of Edinburgh it's currently grey and pouring down with rain. I'm about to set off and play a round in what can only be described as hideous conditons. Ground is soaked and the rain has been on/off heavy more or less all day. I would just cancel but I can't as my...
  3. Meeko

    New to the forum with a couple of questions!

    Hi all, been reading for a few months now and finally plucked up the courage to register and get active. Found many helpful tips on this forum and some decent discussions going on so thought it was time I joined in. I'll get started with a wee introduction on myself. I'm 23y/o golfer who...