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    Wooler GC

    Up in the area next with family and if I can squeeze the club's in the car have a pass for a round. Anybody know what Wooler is like?
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    NW or NE golf trip

    I was looking at booking MacDonald Portal or similar for a Sunday driver deal next month but availability/tee times are pretty booked up for decent tee times so looking at just booking a Travelodge/similar and playing a round Sunday afternoon (12/1pm) and Monday. Not looking for around...
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    McDonald Portal

    Anyone played and stayed recently? Looking at a Sunday driver next month with a couple of mates. Did a Sunday driver about 6/7 years and enjoyed it and wondered if it's still ok.
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    During the first lockdown I borrowed a bike from my mate to enable me to do some sort of exercise as the pounds were pilling on. Like golf I was hooked. Bought myself a MTB bike through the cycle to work scheme. Unfortunately, like golf, I want a new shiny. I hadn't looked in the different...
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    Hybrid wanted

    Looking for around a 19" hybrid right hand but only got a budget of £50. What do people have for sale?
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    Dry(ish) resort course within 2 Hrs Yorkshire

    Looking at possibly having a bit of Sunday driver break at the beginning of April with a couple of mates on a dry-ish as possible hotel resort course within 2 hours drive of Bradford - what are my best options? Not Carden Park as we are going in June. Thinking Forest Pines, Slaley, Portal, Hill...
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    Anyone Blog?

    Over the last year or so I've wrote a few articles that have been published on a local fanzine about my football club and really enjoyed doing it. Writing was never my thing at school and I didn't think I could do it but found that I really enjoyed the whole process of it and also really...
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    That there London

    Coming down this weekend for a gig at Wembley, staying near Shoreditch and thought of having a few drinks in the afternoon before going to the gig. Never been to Shoreditch before so thought we'd check it out. Any recommendations for a few places to drink and grab a bite to eat mid...
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    Leeds GC & Rudding Park

    Annual trip away with the lads and decided to keep it locally due to a few lads becoming parents! Sunday's round was at Leeds GC (Wike Ridge - 2Blue's place) starting with bacon butties and then 18 holes. Fantastic place - clubhouse is really nice, very modern and welcoming as is the shop too...
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    Golf Caddie Book

    Pretty certain I read an interview with a caddie in possibly golf monthly (or maybe another magazine) about a golf caddie who was releasing a book about his life on the road as a caddie. Included stories about turning up at courses hoping to get a bag, living from week to week, travel etc. I...
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    WTD - Hybrid stiff

    Wanting to try a small headed hybrid in either 14/15ish of 22+ loft with a stiff shaft. Bit of an experiment so don't want to spend loads. I have a Ping G10 18" stiff hybrid that I hit really well so was ideally looking for the same club but with the loft(s) that I need. Failing that G15/20 etc...
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    North East Sunday Driver

    Looking at booking our annual golf society trip and fancy the North East area around possibly Whitby/Scarborough. 2 different courses, bed, breakfast, evening meal. Hotel resort would be fine or hire of a cottage etc. Would prefer to not drive a big distance between accomodation and the round on...
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    Golf Del Sur

    Going away with just the wife (no kids) mid October to Golf del sur for 4 nights. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to eat around the area or within a walking/bus ride away? Decent tapas/spanish or nice restaurants rather than full english/pub type places. It's the Mrs birthday...
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    The demise of a golf club

    Won't name names but played a course last week and was shocked/saddened to see the state of the golf club. Played it loads over the years but not for around 12 months and the difference was terrible. The club shop looked like a municiples that's main focus was purely to take green fee's and...
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    Golf de sur

    Looking at trying to get away for a few nights with the wife in October and maybe going to try squeeze a round in while we are there. I think the hotel in inbetween 2 courses but won't be taking my clubs so will rent whist I'm out there, anyone have any experience of renting while in...
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    WTB - 5 Wood stiff shaft

    Bit of an experiment really. I hit my Ping G10 18" stiff shaft really well and are currently struggling with my M2 reg shaft so thought I'd try a stiff shaft 5 wood to compare. I'd ideally like a Ping G10 (or other G model) 5 wood stiff or a Jetspeed 5 wood stiff as I have a Jetspeed rescue...
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    Whitby/North East Sunday Driver

    Looking at sorting our annual trip out for next year and fancy somewhere different to our normal stay and play hotel resort course like Slaley, Ramside, Carden, Rudding, Formby etc. Anyone done a Sunday driver type 1 night 2 rounds in the Whitby area or close by? Any style of course, links...
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    Chipping - feet together

    For the first times in ages I had a bit of spare time so went to my local driving range and proceeded to hit a range of clubs of the mats. Remembered why I don't go as I got bored/frustrated/annoyed very quickly so took my bucket of balls over to the chipping area. Great place to try out so...
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    WTD - M2 Driver 10.5 Reg

    Looking for a M2 driver in regular shaft as above. Decent condition with headcover.
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    WTD: Carry Bag

    Looking for a new carry/stand bag, 5 or more divider, good condition - what have you got? Looking at £40-50.