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  1. cookelad

    Bad Prizes

    I won a couple of longest drives over the weekend (and a nearest the pin)(and 3rd place) one of the prizes for the longest drive was a putter fitting! Sounds great until you here about what that entails, you get fit for a putter, 'still sounds good', they give you the putter, 'getting better'...
  2. cookelad

    Golf's most Coveted Trophy

    I've spent the last couple of days watching The Golf Channel and one of the adverts they keep showing makes a claim I doubt they believe, let alone anyone else believes! I know none of us are likely to win any of them but let's see how many people agree with them. What is golfs most coveted...
  3. cookelad

    And I’m Off 2018

    As hinted at on a few other threads, I’ve been interviewing for jobs in Poland, and, have now accepted an offer, so I’m going! Going to be a massive amount of effort over the Christmas Period to get everything moving, and we’ve cancelled our plans to be in Poland for New Years Eve. I’ve...
  4. cookelad


    I was called to a meeting last night down the local, to discuss a member of our swindle's - dare I say it - cheating. After a long while and a number of "Did he just do that?" "I'm not sure", In the past couple of weeks he was seen improving his lie in the rough. There have been a couple of...
  5. cookelad

    Out of Bounds Stakes

    Probably been covered before, but I can't find the ruling and now I'm not sure if I've been believing a myth! Out of bounds stakes are immoveable and no relief can be taken from them without penalty, am I correct? If so please supply the rule before I make an ar$e of myself.
  6. cookelad

    Quit my Job....

    With nowhere to go! Had been unhappy for a little while, then had my annual review in October "You seem a little demotivated" which got me thinking. So I decided to try to give myself a kick up the Arsenal and motivate myself, it didn't work, so spoke with SWMBO and came to the conclusion that...
  7. cookelad


    Ok so four of the par 3s were off mats (one of which actually makes it harder!) but I'm counting it as my first under par round - 68 on our par 69. I was -4 under through 12 then I started thinking about it and the putts stopped dropping! Four bogeys in five holes left me level par on the 18th...
  8. cookelad

    Sky Sports iPhone App

    Does anyone know how I can turn off the cricket notifications, I want football and golf & even F1 when it tells me the procession has been interrupted by a race, but it seems most of the notifications I get are for a game I couldn't give a bowl about!
  9. cookelad

    Taking the ball out of the hole

    Is there a ruling on taking the ball out of the hole when you holed from off the green ie pulling the flag out to bring the ball out - the ball is completely below the lip?
  10. cookelad


    Just had an email from golf empire advertising the new Turnberry opening 1st June - £539 1 round plus dinner bed and breakfast!! Think I'll wait till he realises the R&A won't give him The Open and sells up!
  11. cookelad

    Weighing up a once in a lifetime opportunity

    I've been offered the chance to go to San Francisco for a week at the end of April, now the question is can I justify $495 on a single round of golf? Bearing in mind there's every chance it'll be a solo round I'm struggling I always think if I'm on my own there's a chance that I won't enjoy it -...
  12. cookelad

    David Beckham

    just a little touch but obviously made someone's day! Never met him personally but everyone I know who has said he's a top bloke!
  13. cookelad

    iPad Repairs

    HID has just dropped her iPad and smashed the screen, anyone know a decent place to get it fixed? I'm sure Apple themselves would do it but Apple don't tend to be the most reasonable.
  14. cookelad


    It's been coming for a while with good scores on away courses and in swindles, when Richart asked me what my handicap was for H4H I answered honestly it's a dodgy 9, but finally I've had an actual score in a qualifier! Gross 73 for 41pts, started on the 12th with a blob managed to cancel that...
  15. cookelad

    Parcelforce Rant

    Ordered so wet weather gloves last Wednesday (5th) from Direct Golf via eBay, got an email from DG saying the gloves will be delivered tomorrow, no problem the boss is at home all day, great! Next day I get a text from swmbo saying they'd tried to deliver but no-one answered, the sofa upon which...
  16. cookelad

    Thought this was worth sharing!

    This is pretty immense!
  17. cookelad

    The Boss is starting up a new venture and wants to get herself a website, she's found to design and host for free, I assume this'll be an Apple type deal where the basic is free but as soon as you start doing anything more than the basic it then the charges start. Anybody got any...
  18. cookelad

    Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th in/around Cheshire

    Driving up to the NW on Saturday morning, is there any sort of forum meet going on nearby with room for a little one Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning?
  19. cookelad

    My Right Foot My mate videoed my swing the other night (hence the video quality) I'm happy with most of what I can see, there's some good improvement in things I've been working on, I'm still slightly across the line at the top due to the slightly flying elbow and I'm posting...
  20. cookelad

    That annoying fold down advert???

    Is there any way of disabling the annoying advert so it doesn't fold down and cover the post I'm trying to read? (it's done it twice while I've been writing this!!!)