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  1. bigslice

    Quick 9 holes this morn

    Stuck in hoose for near 2 weeks has taken its toll. So grabbed my clubs and jumped on the local muni course. Course was in good nick like noone had played on it, immaculate and the greens had to plug marks. Brilliant. Didnt quite make it to the 9th green as the greenkepers ran out their office...
  2. bigslice

    Adams tight lies 2 fairway

    As above its near new , you cant tell that its been hit the 4 times!!! Sadly me and fairway woods dont get on. Cud be a wee stocking filler for someone😜 £50 delivered
  3. bigslice

    Mizuno long neck bettinardi I bought this to refurbish as its peeling in places, will need a new grip. With the long neck and bettinardi face this is one real nice feeling putter. Its a CO1 and only reason selling ad i found a...
  4. bigslice

    Pictures too large for server

    Trying to upload and saying too big. Ive switched off the live bit on iphone but what else can i do
  5. bigslice

    Sketchers golf shoes for sale

    Brand new never worn only tried on for size. Black in colour and Pinseeker model. Uk size 9. £50 posted
  6. bigslice

    Some Router advice

    So while looking at my Tplink range extender , which is fine and been working for months. I decided to mess about with things. I just need reassured lol. So we have sly fibre and believe it puts out 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. Now my fire stick likes the 5 ghz . Am i correct in thinking my router is...
  7. bigslice

    Project x 5.5 v px lz 5.5

    Anyone had experiance of these in irons. I believe if u were 5.5 in px then pxi should be 6.0. So ive read about lz and think its similar? Do say go get fitted just folk s with experiance f the shafts.
  8. bigslice

    Mizuno mp 25 4 iron head for sale

    As title says in good condition( as most 4 irons are for hackers like me) £40 posted
  9. bigslice

    For sale never compromis forged putter

    Never compromise limited edition culebra forged putter. Its lightly used but in great condition. No headcover other wise i would want a bit more of this rare putter. Nice forged feelas u wud expect. £100 posted
  10. bigslice

    Bes way to make hifi bluetooth

    Is it a case of buying a cheap bluetooth to aux so i can stream my iphone through it. Any advice welcome
  11. bigslice

    Apple digital av adapter alternative?

    What has anyone else bought
  12. bigslice

    Pensions and when a company has to provide one .

    As title at moment my boss says he doesnt have to provide one. Im employee number 2 out of 2 employees. Any experts
  13. bigslice

    Tom wishon wedges

    An A wedge 52 degrees and a 58 wedge, the 52 has nippon ns pro modis 3 tour 120 stiff shft and kbs tour stiff fitted in the 58. Both in good condition. Looking for 50 each posted or 90 the pair
  14. bigslice

    Tom wishon 560mc forged irons

    4-pw fitted with nippon ns pro 950 gh stiff shafts, clubs in good condition pictures dont do them justice. Looking for £230 posted These look sooooo good and Tom Wishon knows his stuff, google him.
  15. bigslice

    Ping g20 driver for sale

    10.5 stiff no headcover. Brand new multicompound grip. Club head in good condition no sky marks. Shaft is misubishi rayon diamana d+72 real deal shaft. Brilliant combination forgiving head with a quality shaft. Shaft length is about 43inches approx.(if ive measured it right lol) So slightly...
  16. bigslice

    Aldila trinity shaft for sale

    Measures 42.75 inches tip to but. It is a f75 stiff shaft fitted with adams ls adapter(easily removed). £50 delivered
  17. bigslice

    Adams driver for sale

    Adams super ls speedline 10.5 stiff kuro kage driver. Like new no marks. £60 delivered
  18. bigslice

    petrol chainsaw owners advice please

    bought myself a cheap ebay one for xmas, any does and donts and some tips please to correct use etc. im not scared off it as i use power tools etc but some advice would be appreaciated
  19. bigslice

    ping g30 driver price?

    found this looking at bike prices, is this a mistake
  20. bigslice

    this sat or sun

    its members guest day at irvine golf club so looking for one body for sat at 3pm tee off. also looking for two more on sunday morn to make up 4 ball at 9.30am. so lets be having you.