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  1. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    i'm baaaackk!! However my game apparently isn't!

    So I had taken a little time away from the game initially due to work comittments and more recently due to having my first child. I decided its time to get back swinging and well.... what a disaster! From playing approx twice a week to nearly 3 months out I have managed to go from playing at 22...
  2. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Looking or something different....

    I'm looking for a course to play in or around Sandhurst in Berkshire, anyone recommend one? Ideally not bank breaking prices. Up to £40.
  3. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Swing by Swing App on Android.

    I've been using this app on my S5 for a while as a GPS device for distance and decided today to trial the full "Looper" membership for a round at a reasonable $0.99. I was very impressed. Not only do I get the same great GPS distance measuring tools but I also get to add other stats such as...
  4. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    GM Digital Mag....

    Is anyone able to answer why GM is only available digitally on the iOS devices?? Android have just as big if not a bigger market share now and very frustrating its only available at per issue prices. 😠
  5. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Signature issues...

    Not sure if this is the right section however are people having issues with editing their signatures? Mine appears to no longer allow coloured lettering and bundles everything together despite having entered lines in between?
  6. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Longest UK recorded Hole in One! Bet some of the forumers could beat this! Me included after a protein shake! :thup:
  7. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Finally got a cut!!!

    So I've been playing golf "seriously" now for 22 months. No matter how hard I try I can't hold a competition together. In friendlies i always score between 36-44 points and get called a bandit. Par at my club is 66 and sss is 62. (It's not an overly long course but challenging). The css is...
  8. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    So annoyingly inconsistent!

    So I was fortunate to play a lot of golf over the last few days. Sadly not all of it good but there were some shimmers of handicap cut potential throughout! Thursday = 9 holes @ my local course. Scored 24 points. Friday = 18 hole society day @ Sonning GC. Scored 22 points. Saturday = 18 hole...
  9. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    H4H Leadeboard and Photos

    Hi All (Mainly Richart & RickG), I am sure you're fed up of being thanked and told how awesome you both are so I wont bother (again)! ;) I was wondering if anyone knew whether the full leaderboard and the photo's that were taken on the course would be posted anywhere at all? Tha photographer...
  10. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    What a week ahead!

    So this week coming I have quite possibly the best week (golf wise) of my life! I am starting Monday with a round with a fellow member, Friday I will be playing Sonning Golf Club with a society (a very nice local course), Saturday I have the first in our Winter Series at Blackwater Valley GC...
  11. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Just cant handle the pressure???

    So I have been trying to lower my handicap forever and after putting in a lot of time and effort (and not to mention money!) I thought I had gotten to a level to reduce my handicap by a shot or two at least. I have played in 3 competitions now and have done terribly in them all. I have played...
  12. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Changing Forum Name

    Hi, I am not saying that I want to however a fellow forumer posted on another thread a question about how/if you can change your forum name and I am curious as to whether this is possible or not? Thanks for you knowledge in advance.
  13. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Golf DNA @ Golf Studios Subiton

    First impressions on a place always make a huge impact on me, they always have. I first went into Golf Studio’s in December last year. They hadn’t been open long and some of the areas hadn’t quite been finished completely although they were nearly there. The building itself is remarkable...
  14. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Golf DNA Figures

    Firstly a massive thanks to Golf DNA (Laurence in particular) for the session. Secondly a big thanks to Vkrup for organising the files into readable uploads for me. Below are my figures from my session with Golf DNA on 25th April. Looking forward to obtaining my new clubs over the next...
  15. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Fitting @ Golf DNA @ Golf Studios Surbiton

    So here are my stats from the fitting, thought I'd post them following Vkrup's recomendation. The review is done and will be posted this afternoon! I'll post the link here as well as posting it in the Review section. So my stats.... Happy viewing!
  16. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    First time I have ever placed in top 3!

    So after a woeful winter and a shocking performance in my society for the last year I gritted my teeth and headed out to compete against 13 fellow golfers in a society day at Pyrford GC in Surrey. After starting with a non-scoring 8 I managed to get through the front 9 with 13 points. Then...
  17. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Round after Callaway 'KOD' Day?

    Hi All, Would anyone be interested in going for a round (9 or 18) after the KOD Day next week local to Stoke Park? If so could anyone recommend of a local course that would be suitable?
  18. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    Incredibly Frustrating Game!!

    So this week I have decided to put a lot of time into my game and booked a full bag fitting tomorrow (theres another thread on this topic) and I booked in with friends 3 rounds (2 x 9 holes and a 18 hole). So Monday I play 9 holes and shoot 49, scoring 16 stableford, not bad I thought as its my...
  19. Sir Scoop-A-Lot

    H4h 2014

    I apologise if there is a thread already running for this and if I am posting this in the wrong section, I have looked for it however not to ofay on the navigation of the forums posts that aren't on the main pages. I was wondering how I sign up to this event? I live around the corner so would...