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  1. spongebob59

    WTS Ping G400 LST driver

    Ping G400 LST, 10.5 degree, RH. Fubuki 60g S flex shaft, spined and pured + Fubuki 50 R flex. Golf pride tour velvet 360 grip. Excellent condition, £250 + postage.
  2. spongebob59

    Motocaddy DHC

    Anyone use one ? Is it worth the extra cost /upgrade. Membership of a local hilly course on the radar 😁
  3. spongebob59

    Drain cleaning hose

    Having spent a few hours yesterday rodding the drains to clear a blockage, I wondered if anyone had tried one of these : Pressure Washer Drain Hose Karcher K2-3-4 Compatible 10M
  4. spongebob59

    Mizuno JPX 919 hot metal iron set

    5-PW, Steel fibre i95 regular shafts, spined and pured, as new Lamkin sonar grips. £400 + postage
  5. spongebob59

    Vangelis RIP

    Produced some haunting tunes 👍
  6. spongebob59

    Cavity wall insulation

    My neighbour is having this installed today and I was chatting to the fitters, he estimated £800-£1200 to have my bungalow done with an estimated £300 savings in heating bills. Any one had this done on their property and is it worth looking into ?
  7. spongebob59

    Motocaddy maintenance

    Brought my trolly home last night as they are doing some work on the trolley store, is there any maintenance I can do while I've got it at home ? Ta
  8. spongebob59

    Ping glide forged wedge, 54/10

    Listing for pro, £85 + postage. 54/10 blue dot, S300 shaft, Ping grip.
  9. spongebob59

    WiFi speed drop out.

    Upgraded to full fibre today and we get 315 meg hard wired to the PC, but only getting around 80 thru the WiFi, is such a drop off normal, should I ask for the router to be exchanged ? When we was in BT we only got 22-24 meg and using my own Asus router so never noticed this before 🤔
  10. spongebob59

    Router apps.

    Just received my router in advance of the fttp install next week. Had a quick look at it doesnt appear to have an app for control of the settings, so I'll need to hard wire it to something to change the default settings. Anyone use a 3rd party app they can recommend ? I have asked if I can...
  11. spongebob59

    VOIP phonecalls

    Getting FTTP broadband installed next week and in the blurb they mention VOIP phonecalling. Do you need any special equipment to be able to use this ? Will potential mean I could stop the BT line rental when the contract ends later this year, very rarely use landline these days so VOIP would be...
  12. spongebob59

    Cobra radspeed driver, 10.5 , stiff

    As new, posting item for my pro, £260 + postage.
  13. spongebob59

    Mini driver wanted.

    Pro has asked me to try and find one, stiff shaft, anything considered. Ta.
  14. spongebob59


    Has anyone ditched Netflix or thinking of it ? Was working out how much we watch on there last night and it's probably only 1/2 series a month. There's a lot of content on there but most of it is that.
  15. spongebob59

    Outdoor dining, table heaters

    HID wants some sort of heater for the outdoor dining area and has seen this DONYER POWER Electric Hanging Patio Heater 2000W Ceiling Mounted for Indoor or Outdoor Use It will hang from the pergola above the table...
  16. spongebob59

    WTB 3 wood R flex .

    Need a 3 wood for tee shots on the new course, who's got what lurking ?? Ta.
  17. spongebob59

    Golf pride CPX grip

    Had these in the proshop, felt very nice, soft and tacky, would definitely give them a try next regrip
  18. spongebob59

    Solar panels , would you ?

    Posted link in EV thread but probably worth its own thread. We have considered this but not sure this is our forever home. Our friend went all in a few years back as he's not intending to move, it helped that he worked at a power...
  19. spongebob59

    Spraying a golf shaft

    The shaft on the putter I'm regripping is quite pitted and rusty so I'm thinking of rubbing it down and respraying black whilst Ive got the grip off, any one done this ? Looked at replacing the shaft and it £45 for a black one 😱
  20. spongebob59

    Odyssey putter regrip

    Was going to regrip a putter today but I have no idea what this is ??