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  1. virtuocity

    Bob Rotella books (box set)

    Hi folks- anyone fancy a read at these? Tenner delivered. PM me please- I'm not on the forum much, so will get an email alert that way :)
  2. virtuocity

    Garmin S10 approach watch

    Hi all. Hardly used (genuinely 6 or less rounds). In original box, instructions and usb charger included. £75 plus couple of quid postage.
  3. virtuocity

    4BBB with 3 players!

    My doubles partner is injured. Can I play my tie on my own? What is the handicap calculation? Cheers.
  4. virtuocity

    Custom Fitting- The Evidence Base (VERY long post)

    Didn't want to clog up another thread, so thought I'd rant here, and hopefully spark some respectful critical discussion. I just need to get this down so I can shut up. Yes, it's a long post. You don't have to read it. When it comes to Custom Fitting, my view is that there should be little...
  5. virtuocity

    Scottish Golf Show 2021

    Online virtual golf show this year. Absolutely awful. Free round for this year for the following courses (subject to first come first serve): Douglaston, Pitreavie, Strathmore, Woll, Moffat and Torwoodlee. £5 voucher for Affordable Golf which is better than nout. Anyone 'attending'? I was...
  6. virtuocity

    2k21 on PS4

    Any players? Share your ID. Mine is virtgolf. Add me.
  7. virtuocity

    Personalised head covers?

    Anyone know of any cheap indie companies who do these?
  8. virtuocity

    Electric trolley wanted

    My mate is looking for an electric trolley, good condition, preferably with umbrella holder, delivered to near Glasgow. What have you got and how much delivered?
  9. virtuocity

    Druids golf waterproof bags

    Anyone got one? Any reviews?
  10. virtuocity

    Push trolleys like hen's teeth

    Covid 19 has really disrupted the push trolley market at the wrong time for me. Looking for a Motocaddy Cube or equivalent and there's not much in terms of stock. The second hand market has gone nuts as well. If there was a time to sell a trolley gathering dust in your shed, it's now.
  11. virtuocity

    Getting all-year round use of conservatory

    Has anyone shelled out for a proper roof on their conservatory, or invested in a climate control system? I feel it's a wasted room- classic case of too cold in winter and too hot in summer. We don't have heating installed there.
  12. virtuocity

    Download pop up

    Just got a pop up asking me to download a file (iPhone). Closed browser. Anyone else?
  13. virtuocity

    Best / Worst / Most iconic drivers of all time

    There’s no wrong answer on this thread! Best- Ping K15 driver. Not the longest driver by any stretch, but if you slice this, you shouldn’t be hitting the big stick. I’ve owned this 3 times and I might buy another to stick in the shed for when the slice comes back. Worst- Nike SQ Sumo. WTF...
  14. virtuocity

    Wanted: Junior clubs

    Hi folks. My young lad is looking for his first set of clubs. He’s going to need 9 year old sizing. Anyone looking to get rid of a set in good condition?
  15. virtuocity

    Wanted: new style Ping Karsten irons

    Hi, anyone looking to sell ping karsten irons (the new style ones). Long shot I know.
  16. virtuocity

    BRS strategy

    Announcement today- 29th may available to book. An hour later, no slots available. Don’t want to miss out on next Sat (booking a week in advance). Is it likely that the tee times will come out at midnight tonight or can this differ?
  17. virtuocity

    Forum 4-ball

    Not to take away from the other thread- who have you never played with on here but would like to? I’d go for: @Jacko_G - seems like a good guy who gets far too many bites :devilish: @Robster59 - another nice guy. Must meet for a round when this crap is over. @Fish - been to a few meets but...
  18. virtuocity

    Rife Golf Shoes

    Didn’t realise Rife entered this market. On first inspection, I have to say they are pretty fugly. Anyone tried these?
  19. virtuocity

    Your luckiest shot ever

    Probably been done 100 times before. My luckiest shot- playing in a wee day out with the boys. Closest to pin comp on 18th. Short par 3. Pin on right middle. Pulled my PW towards middle of the green. Hit a tee peg which was marked as current closest to the hole. Deflected right and left me...
  20. virtuocity

    North Wales GC (and local)

    Anyone played North Wales GC? Would appreciate a wee review. Any other ‘must play’ courses in that neck of the woods?