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  1. chrisd

    Just a thought

    Yesterday morning I met up with my golf mates for the back 9, mainly for the walk but I did take a ball and my 56° wedge. On each hole I played the wedge from tee to green. This wedge goes pretty much 110 yards for me and our back 9 is 3042 yards off the yellows, its difficulty is that its tree...
  2. chrisd

    Matchplay handicap question?

    My PP and I have qualified for the 4bbb winter league quarter finals. Am I right in saying that if he plays on his own, as I will not be fit, that he still plays off the handicap the we would do if i were playing.? It's useful as I'm higher handicap than him Many thanks for answering
  3. chrisd

    Driving iron?

    I'm thinking of buying a driving iron for a few shots round my place. I hit a rescue club on a few tee shots but too often tug it left off a tee and my course is tight and tree lined, and whilst I can hit ok off the deck would always peg it up on a tee shot. I'm thinking of an 18° or 20° and...
  4. chrisd

    Played Chart Hills today

    I had an invite to play the newly refurbished Chart Hills course in Kent today. The owners (from Princes ) have spent bundles of money on a full refurb of the course, sorted out the pro shop and made the spike bar and other facilities a place you'd like to go to. The course is 20 minutes away...
  5. chrisd

    Matchplay question

    I played a 4bbb match yesterday and a question arose Playing a 125 yard par 3 my partner was on the green for one, one of our opponents also on in one, I was just off the green in one and their 2nd player dumped his tee shot in the pond in front of the green. The guy in the pond didn't drop a...
  6. chrisd

    Maybe I've bought a new club !

    Just back from a driver fitting I walloped a Sim2, Titleist TS2, Callaway Epic Speed and a Cobra Radspeed. My own driver (Ping G400 had spin rates of less than 900 rpm on some hits) so it went 250 + but with very low launch, which is why I wanted to change it. Anyway I ended up with the...
  7. chrisd

    A different milestone!

    Yesterday, after hundreds of rounds I finally achieved a new milestone of an eclectic score of 18 birdies, one on each hole on my home course when i birdied the 3rd (stroke index 1.) for the first time ever in a competition. I was 2" away from an eagle. I guess I'm way behind many of you but...
  8. chrisd

    Is this still the rule?

    I was pretty certain that a few years back, in stroke play, if a player played a wrong ball on a hole,and didn't correct their error before teeing off the next hole, that the player was disqualified. I had a feeling that the rule was possibly changed to a (2 shot) penalty being applied. Can...
  9. chrisd

    Tax self assessment

    Just wondering I have done a tax self assessment, via my accountant, every January since it become a requirement. Now I am semi retired and only have a state pension and some wages which paye is done on, i think there is no requirement to submit a self assessment judging by the .Gov website but...
  10. chrisd

    Wrong green ?

    We were playing a friendly 3 ball today and we had a temporary green on the par 3 5th. The temporary green was on the apron at the front of the main green and I put my ball on the main green. Now I know it's a penalty if i play off the main green it being a "wrong green" so I dropped on the...
  11. chrisd

    Evnroll putters

    Just wondering who plays Evnroll putters, do they do what they're supposed to do in hitting off centred hits the same distance as well hit putts, are they worth the money and any view on which model is the best?
  12. chrisd

    Putter fitting ?

    I'm considering doing a putter fitting and live in mid Kent. Does anyone have any suggestions and/or experience of this service within reasonable driving distance of Kent? Thanks in advance.
  13. chrisd

    Danny Maude driver tips

    I saw this YouTube just now, I really like the simplicity and for someone who's struggled with the driver for sometime now I reckon it's a great tip
  14. chrisd

    Paul Foston golf

    I had a couple of hours lesson from Paul Foston this morning working on the short game. I have to say that some pros are pretty good but Paul, for me was a different level. No, not cheap but I dont think anyone would leave his house without the feeling they'd improve and within a couple of...
  15. chrisd

    New bunker rule for qualifiers

    We are playing our first qualifying comp tomorrow and I received an email saying that a player can Bunkers This, enhanced, local rule will apply to competitions: When a player’s ball lies in a bunker, the player may take free relief once by placing the original ball, or another ball, in and...
  16. chrisd

    Government job retention scheme

    I've calculated, via Sage Payroll, my company claim but for the life of me I cant access the Government Claim portal. I have a VAT gateway number but this doesnt get me in and I'm just going round in circles. Anyone done it and can offer suggestions ?
  17. chrisd

    Laptop recommendations

    I'm soon to embark on a building project at work in a joint venture and am already getting loads of plans, drawings, contracts etc and am thinking of buying a budget laptop for the me, on behalf of my employer, to keep everything pertaining to the job in one place for the duration of the...
  18. chrisd

    Another winter comp question

    Our Club runs a pretty competitive Winter League through the whole winter period. Its 4 bbb, firstly in a league then moving to a knockout competition. I was only asked my opinion on a problem that has cropped up as I'm no longer a committee member One of the pairs who entered back in October...
  19. chrisd

    4bbb on reduced course

    Just as a matter of interest We are being pushed to play a winter league 4bbb match, and today we have cancelled again due to weather, but also because only 16 holes are open. The 2 closed holes are stroke index 5 and 7 and one of our opponents would get a shot at both of the closed holes from...
  20. chrisd


    I'm probably going to change suppliers away from BT. NOW Broadband looks reasonable for 38mb, line rental and anytime calls. Just wondering if anyone uses them and are they ok- or any better suggestions? Many thanks