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  1. Swingalot

    Woodhall Spa trip

    Looking for advise. 8 of us maybe heading up next summer, but need recommendations for where to stay. We will be up for 2 or 3 nights and although Ibiza is not required, would be nice to be based somewhere with decent boozers and food options. Happy to travel 30 minutes if needed? Thanks forum 👍
  2. Swingalot

    Going for a driver fitting, what to expect?

    So I've always had my irons fitted, but when it comes to the big bats I have always just bought after trying a few out. I currently play a TM SLDR so pretty 'old' compared to some (and some say not an easy club to use compared to other drivers???) so what kind of improvement do you think is...
  3. Swingalot

    Frost = Temporary Greens?

    So question, does playing on frosted greens with damage the grass or does it depend on the level of frost and/or the type of grass/course sub-layer? Played today with 120 golfers on a big meet and it was ruined by the decision to play on temp greens. The ground was frosty when we started, but...
  4. Swingalot

    Is golf really a good sport to get your kids into?

    So this is the question I'm asking myself. I have 2 boys and the oldest is 7 years old. He is very active and loves football, rugby, cricket, etc etc. He is already in a rugby club and also in sports clubs after school and loves them all and I feel every sport he does has huge benefits to him as...
  5. Swingalot

    Royal St Georges tomorrow (Tuesday 23/2/16)

    I have spoken to Wookie and the 2 reserves can't make tomorrow, so if anyone fancies taking my space at the forum meet here is your chance. The forecast is good and I'm willing to take a hit on the green fee/lunch so will take £75 for a deal that is worth a lot more. First come first served!
  6. Swingalot

    Hayling Island

    Playing it tomorrow, how does it compare to other Links courses along the South coast? I have played all the links courses in Kent (I think?!) but looking forward to this as I've heard good things about it. Anything of note to know, I'm assuming a course protected by the wind and weather like...
  7. Swingalot

    Want to buy a putter online

    But want to change the grip to a jumbo/large grip. Anyone know of a website that does such a thing, as want to avoid buying a new putter only to have to change the grip as soon as it arrives.
  8. Swingalot

    Can you play in a comp when....

    Your the only one playing in the group who is entered in the comp? So, in a club roll up can I enter the comp and my PP who is a member mark my card, or do you have to play with people who are also in the comp?
  9. Swingalot

    Off to Wales for a golf weekend.......

    and we are heading to the Vale of Glamorgan. Anyone ever played it and any thoughts? Looks pretty long of the back sticks, but anyone played it? Decent place for a society trip???
  10. Swingalot

    If you're ever down in East Kent........

    Give me a shout as I have just joined Canterbury GC. I have played a few of the local tracks since moving down and Canterbury was the one for me. On the doorstep but also a really good track with lots of different types of holes and challenges. I have a few links courses around half an hour...
  11. Swingalot

    New shineys on order....

    Decided it was time to see if I could have a fitting and justify some new bats which would be better than my burner 2.0s that I have loved since getting them. Well tried everything from taylormade (took a while ;), callaway and mizuno and was amazed to find the mizuno 825pros were the best for...
  12. Swingalot

    Shut the course, it's too hard........

    Well that's exactly what a mate of mine said to the pro at Royal Cinque Ports (deal) when we played it in a society on Monday. This was a brutal test of golf, links course with fairways 20 yards wide in places, rough that was impossible to play out of, rough that swallowed 50 plus balls from our...
  13. Swingalot

    Use of hips in the swing?

    Should the hips be kept 'silent' and as still as possible or alternatively should the hips rotate with the upper body as much as is physically possible? Appreciate people's view on this, as I think I may be a little too top half all action and no connection with hips/core.
  14. Swingalot

    Done the right thing?

    So, started playing golf around 6/7 years ago and have been pretty self taught getting down from high 20s to a best case 12, with only the odd lesson when real problems have arisen. Stayed at 12/13 for a few years and starting to creep up and noticed that my bad shots vary from a sharp right, to...
  15. Swingalot

    Over extension of left knee leads too............

    Answers on a postcard please?! I have gone from playing my best golf pre-Christmas to my worse 3 rounds this Month. Normal shape a draw, now hitting all kinds of shapes but fade, slice and worse now regular. Irons ballooning high, fading off and landing well short of normal. Have looked at a...
  16. Swingalot

    The Grove

    Played it a few backs, it's the dogs do dars. That is all.
  17. Swingalot

    Any course you like within 1 hr from Kent/M25 border.........

    So then, the missus will treat me to a 4 ball at any course within a short commute of the Kent/M25 border, with a green fee no more than £75. I have played a fair few nice ones, but is there any ones you would pick that I have not played I wonder?
  18. Swingalot

    Out to in swing or is it?

    Right then, have noticed a change to my shot shape and divots starting to come into my game and just wanted to check that it is an out to in swing and not something else before trying to fix it on the range. My ball flight has got higher and now fades (old shape was straight with sometimes a...
  19. Swingalot

    Royal Ashdown GC

    Playing this at the weekend, on the old course. Don't know anyone who has played it so interested to get anyones feedback who has?
  20. Swingalot

    Royal St Georges

    As the title suggests, I had the great fortune to play on this iconic course earlier in the Year and decided to give my thoughts on the day, course and whole experience. The first thing that struck me as I drove down the narrow, short approach road to the clubhouse was how understated the whole...