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    Galvin Green Windstopper - Zip Issue

    I haven't as I didn't realise this was 'a thing'. If I get no joy from Clubhouse Golf though I'll give it a go.
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    Galvin Green Windstopper - Zip Issue

    Thank you. I contacted GG and they advised I sort with the company I purchased it from (Clubhouse Golf) so I've returned it to them. Hopefully it'll get sorted.
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    Galvin Green Windstopper - Zip Issue

    Hi, Has anyone had an issue with the zip on their Galvin Green Windstopper? i've had mine about 2 years now and it's been used maybe a few dozen times, but when I went to use it after lockdown the zip simply wouldn't budge! There were no kinks or anything in the zip, and it's been stored in...
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    Win a pair of the all-new FootJoy Premiere Series!

    Flint White Size 10 Thank you
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    Wearing a gilet

    So you've never considered one, they seem pointless and you'd want your sleeves covered if it's cold, but now someone at the club wore one and now you're going to buy one????? Have your own opinions and buy what suits you (sounds like a jumper is what you want) rather than follow what everyone...
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    Golf clothing survey

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    FootJoy Giveaway

    Mine was when we were playing a competition off the whites and I stepped up to tee off first in my group. I'd been hitting my driver well on the range beforehand so felt confident with it and stepped up to hit. There were about 15-20 people milling around the first tee / putting green...
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    Ladies Clubs

    Hi there, Not sure of budget to be honest as she's literally just looking at getting started. Obviously the cheaper the better in case she doesn't want to keep going after this initial 'phase'. @TreeSeeker @Del_Boy Send me the details of what you have please with a few pics if possible and...
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    Ladies Clubs

    Hi, My girlfriend is looking at possibly taking up golf and would like to go the range etc first to see if she likes it. Does anyone have any ladies clubs they are looking to get rid of as I don't want to fork out for a decent set in case it's a passing fad (very likely!) Obviously she could...
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    Yep use them regularly and never had a problem at all.
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    Links golf

    Yep. He can easily do both.
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    Links golf

    I'd say first and foremost - Enjoy it. You'll get bad bounces, uphil/downhill/sidehill lies, overshoot greens, undershoot greens and all when you've likely hit good shots - Just roll with it and enjoy the challenge and what links golf represents. And don't rush round, take your time to enjoy...
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    Beginner Lessons - Co.Durham // Teesside Area?

    I haven't used him myself, but Phil Redpath at Ramside Hall comes highly recommended from people I've spoken to. Ramside also has a range and good facilities if I remember rightly.
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    New Bargains Thread

    While they won't be to everyone's tastes, the look doesn't bother me too much. However it's the fact they are waterproof that appeals (and the fact they don't cost the thick end of £150)
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    Not being able to sleep the night before playing early!

    I used to have something similar happen to me, and I think it was because sub-consciously I think I was worried about "sleeping in" for the early time which was ridiculous really as I've never "slept in" for anything since I had kids 20 years ago! :LOL: However, I simply made sure I put 2...
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    European Tour UK swing 2020

    Having played the course loads of times I agree that it's nice to see it played in the correct order. However, I also agree that it's nowhere near tough enough for a proper tour venue. The facilities themselves are definitely tour standard, but the course itself can easily be tamed (Not by me I...
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    New Bargains Thread

    Excellent news that people are having good experiences with the waterproof side of it as that's my main concern. Like more I'll have to "de-clutter" my existing bag to fit everything in, but that's fine if it keeps my stuff dry.
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    100% agree with this. The guy I've recently had lessons with is huge on this and my biggest issue is the difference between "Feel vs Real" and we're working hard on that. Obviously it'll take time, but I feel I'm getting there and can actually "feel" the differences myself at times.
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    New Bargains Thread

    After getting soaked this week I've just ordered one of these - I hope they are as good (and waterproof) as they look.