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    Violence on the golf course

    Has anyone witnessed violent incidents on the golf course? Anyone been threatened or attacked? I’ll share my story below, but interested to hear about others and how common this is.
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    Top courses in worst condition

    I’m interested in the flip side of the best conditioned course thread. What top courses have you played that were really poor and failed to live up to expectations for a good course. Not interested in the local goat track, just big names. Also, don’t count greens maintenance week. Every...
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    Who will win the competition to guess the number of Masters related threads?

    Forget Augusta, this is the big one everyone wants to win. I’ll start: Voyager
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    Thread bingo

    Just thought I’d tick off some classic topics floating around the board today: 1. White socks / dress code ✅ 2. Slow play / round time ✅ 3. Driver distance ✅ Any additional topics that you want to see more of / have you heading for the exit?
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    Huge increase in golf participation

    Interesting report out this week with stats to back up the surge in the popularity of golf we have witnessed in the last couple of years. "The number of total golfers globally has increased from 61 million to 66.6 million in a five-year growth period, surpassing the previous high mark of 61.6...
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    Personal golf courses

    If you had enough money, would you build your own golf course in your back garden? I just discovered the owner of a house outside my village has built a 9 hole course on his estate. It's proper USGA spec greens, full length holes etc, but he is worth $160 billion so cost is irrelevant. I've...
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    High mileage second hand cars

    Looking at replacing my wife's car and saw a 4 year old BMW X3 at a great price with excellent spec, but it's done 96,000 miles. Initially this was a big no, but now I'm starting to talk myself around: 2 litre Diesel engine that will easily do 200k+ miles Ex company car so fully serviced It's...
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    A good walk spoiled?*

    I've never really thought of golf as exercise, just a gentle walk really. But 4.5 miles carrying a 12kg bag does contribute to burning some calories and keeping me healthy. I've been looking at the step counter on my phone, and the data showed this week I walked: 7.2km during my Tuesday round...
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    Lone golf

    Following a post from Wolf on another thread, I thought it would be interesting to get your thoughts on playing golf on your own, as we will be doing a lot more of this now. I know some people who play golf for company and wouldn't ever step on to a course on their own, however there are others...
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    Drills / swing thoughts to encourage a more shallow swing

    My swing can get too steep, caused by coming over the top a bit. It's fine for irons, I hit down on the ball with a crisp strike and low penetrating ball flight. It's terrible for woods and hybrids, as it's the complete opposite of the sweeping motion needed for good consistent ball striking...