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    Happy 2009 You Lot !!

    Late I know but,heres to 2009. My first proper visit of the year has reminded me what fun can be had on the forum. Good luck to you all this year folks! Regards PN
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    Thoughts for a Legend

    Lets all send our best to Seve in this time of trouble. As someone who came to the game late I was not fully aware of his status and impact on European golf. It is not too much of a strech to say that the Tour would not be anywhere near as it is without him,he had an effect no less than Tiger...
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    Thats all Folks (for now anyway)

    I have been pretty much absent from the Forum for the last month while I have been mulling over my golfing future. Over this last season things on and off the course have gone pretty poorly for me and I have had cause to re evaluate my life and what is most important to me. On the golfing...
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    The day you knew Golf was your sport.

    Seeing that htl is at Pachesham brought this to mind. I rode at a one day event there and cacked myself over the cross country,sloped off to the golf course and hit balls whilst HID competed. Realised that even a shank couldnt break a limb! The other was at the 96 Open. I worked for a company...
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    Best Rugby Player You Ever Saw

    Blatant thieving of Homers idea here but I have seen so much more Rugby than Football so here goes. Best I saw,Barry John. My dad took me to see him play at Llanelli and for his last game at the Arms Park.Got no words to describe the elegance and beauty of his game. His feet never seemed to...
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    Bitter? You could say so.

    Played for the first time in a while with the mid week guys today. Didnt hit it well as is usual right now but managed to get it round in 38 points lipping out on 18th for 39 and missing 3-4 other genuine birdie puts. I know that sounds a bit arrogant but i genuinely am proud of how i battled a...
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    Weybrook Park

    Got a close friend who is looking to move courses and is considering Weybrook. He is a new golfer who is currently a member at Sanford Springs and is pretty unhappy with their new fee structure along with the whole feel of the place. Plays off 28 (not for long!) and is a relatively infrequent...
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    We Love Cornwall (and North Devon!)

    What a superb weekend! Had a brilliant time with some excellent blokes,rubbish Golf from me and rubbish weather. Quick precis of the courses :- Bude:- now decided after 5 years that I just dont like it very much. Condition was good but there are too many blind shots (I know its a Links) with...
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    Wheelchair Weekend Coming!

    Have been anticipating this weekend since April. Itenerary - 27 at Bude tomorrow,36 at Royal North Devon on Friday,36 at Launceston Saturday,wheelchair Sunday! Staying at Inn On The Green in Bude so good food,good company,buckets of Red and a barrel of laughs. With the knee in its current...
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    Its Not The BRITISH OPEN!!!

    Just heard them announce Harrington as the British Open Champion. It makes my blood boil!!!!! It is THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP. When will the septics learn.
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    Raise A Glass!

    Raise a glass and wish my Brother Happy Birthday folks. He has served us in both Gulf 1 and 2,Bosnia,N. Ireland,Belize, Afghanistan,Iraq and is just heading back out for his last tour. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the politics,the guys on the ground deserve our support. God bless him and...
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    Early Birthday present.

    Had to play my singles knock out today as it is last chance. My oppo is also 5 and won last weeks medal comfortably which didnt bode well as I am playing rubbish and have a wobbly knee! Clearly he decided to give me a nice present on my birthday and I rolled him over 5 & 4!! Was only 4 over...
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    MotoGP! Who needs F1.

    Watched the MotoGP today,what brilliant stuff. Overtaking,crashing,heroism,history made all in one race! Rossi wins a briliant race full of incident to equal Angel Nieto on 90 GP wins,Nieto is waiting half way round his lap of honour to chauffer him home on Rossi's bike carrying 90+90 flag...
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    Just got home from members invitational at Hindhead. Played better ball in morning,foursomes in afternoon. I can barely stand! My mate who is pretty fit is asleep already,who can do 36 any more? Have we all gone soft?
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    The Apprentice - Genius TV?

    Must admit not a huge fan but just watched the latest episode. Loved it, lying,cheating,manipulating,idiocy on a grand scale! How many delusional self loving idiots can you get in one room? The look on their faces when SrAlan said they might all go was a guilty pleasure. I felt dirty just...
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    Worst Vanity Purchase/Just plain baad buy.

    As a counterpoint to the Best Purchase thread,how about we all fess up to our worst vanity purchase,or just plain baaaad buy! I will start with a couple of beauties in a long long list. 1, A pair of red (Imean RED!) nike shorts in Portugal 2 years ago. They were way way too tight (had to get...
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    Setanta,are we watching/who paid for it?

    Just got struck with the realisation that my Sunday evening viewing has changed. We had Setanta free at the beginning as a taster fron NTL then lost it after a couple of months,then got it back with our new package. I have got out of the habit of watching the US golf on a Sunday and actually I...
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    Been 2 months and you still get handed your hat!

    Having not played at all well for a couple of months finally get it all together for club away match yesterday. Playing their champ and his best mate, am 20/40 yds past him off the tee,putt well, chip ok,pitch it well,shoot 74 gross. Get beaten one down!!!! Fantastic game,top blokes,super...
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    This weeks weather

    Have had the chance to play a couple of times this week but could not face what God was throwing at us. Had no choice yesterday as we had a league match against a club on the other side of Guildford. Somehow we dodged the rain but we could see Woking from the course and oh my goodness!! It...
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    GM Forum Day Out

    Not a new subject I know but perhaps a twist. How many of us lucky low handicappers would be willing to organise/host a day out on our courses for those who either dont yet have a handicap or would like to lower it? I am sure we could do something which would involve a swing overview,short...